How do you use porosity equalizer?

How do you use porosity equalizer?

For optimising colour: Spray all over your hair before a colour treatment. When having your colour done at the salon take this spray with you for your hairdresser to apply. For protein treatment: Spray all over hair from roots to ends and leave overnight. Shampoo out in the morning and repeat once a fortnight.

What does porosity Equalizing Spray do?

Porosity Equalizing Spray ensures even pigment absorption on hair with uneven or high porosity. This gentle, lightweight formula also assists in conditioning and detangling the hair and is designed for use prior to a Kenra Color Permanent or Demi-permanent color service.

What is a hair equalizer?

Description. Equalizer is a Classic leave-in or rinse silkening detangler and conditioner for all hair types, formulated with Vegan proteins to strengthen every strand, while powerful antioxidant Green Tea Extract protects to condition, soothe and tone both your scalp and hair.

Does low porosity hair need moisture?

“Low-porosity hair requires as much hydration as possible, and the best form of hydration is water. Therefore, I would suggest washing your hair more frequently, not the opposite.” Gaunitz adds that using alkaline water that’s above an 8.0 pH could also encourage a higher level of moisture.

How do you use color equalizer spray?

Instructions: Spray the Color Equalizer onto porous hair parts and allow to dry. Consequently, apply hair coloration mix as usual. Leave in. Do not spray into eyes.

How do you equalize hair porosity?

How to Fix Porous Hair

  1. Deep Conditioning. Even if your hair is balanced, a protein-rich deep conditioning treatment should be a part of your regimen.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel. A great way to improve the condition of your scalp is with a small amount of aloe vera gel, either in your conditioner or as a stand-alone product.
  3. Olive Oil.

Does low porosity hair break easily?

Characteristics of normally porous hair: It is bouncy and elastic, not brittle and prone to breakage. It generally requires very little maintenance. It easily accepts and then retains applied moisture. It holds styles well without the use of many styling products and accepts color well and evenly.

What are signs of low porosity hair?

Signs Of Low Porosity Hair

  • Your hair struggles to keep moisture.
  • Your hair doesn’t work with conditioners.
  • You need heat to activate conditioners.
  • There’s always buildup and dirt in your hair.
  • You get more dandruff (clarifying dandruff shampoos for Afro hair)
  • Your hair is too oily or too dry.
  • You spend ages drying your hair.

Can you change hair porosity?

In a nutshell, hair porosity is how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. Porosity is usually genetic, but it can change throughout your life depending on a variety of factors. Exposure, heat treatments, chemical processing, and environmental damage (like pollution) can all affect your hair porosity.

Does high porosity hair hold color?

Porosity refers to the hair’s ability to absorb moisture, and it depends on the structure of your hair. Hair that is not porous will not take on color well, but hair that is too porous will let it out quickly. A balance between the two is important for good hair color results!

How often should low porosity hair be washed?

In fact: Once a week is how often you need to wash low porosity hair to keep it soft, moisturized, and free from buildup until your next wash.

Can you have both high and low porosity hair?

There is plenty of variation in every head of hair. You may have both low and high porosity strands, and it’s also possible to have medium porosity.