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How do you use value mapping in SAP PI?

How do you use value mapping in SAP PI?

If you refer to a value mapping table created manually in the Integration Directory, you have to select as Value Mapping Context . The value mapping context identifies the source of the value pairs. At configuration time, you define the actual values of the objects by creating value mapping groups.

How many types of mapping are there in SAP PI?

XI provides 3 standard ways of interface mapping between source and target. Graphical mapping is a common approach followed by everyone for generating desired target structure.

What is message mapping in SAP PI?

“Message Mapping is nothing but a set of rules for producing target XML from the source XML. These rules are nothing but relations between the source XML tags and target XML tags”. These rules keep varying according to the business requirements on the source and target XML documents.

What is multi mapping in SAP PI?

Use. In standard mapping use cases, a single source message is transformed into a single target message. This kind of mapping is also referred to as a 1:1 transformation . A multi mapping allows you to override this restriction.

What is value mapping used for?

Mapping lookups access values (tables) in a back-end system during mapping runtime. The lookup can be executed using the standard functions RFC Lookup or JDBC Lookup (see below), or using the lookup API from java coding.

What is remove context in SAP PI?

Remove context removes all the context changes and keeps all the values from that queue in the same context,While Collapsecontext also removes all the context changes but selects only the first value from each context.

What is SAP pi and po?

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is an application integration middleware software developed by SAP. SAP PI is a component of SAP PO, and also of the SAP Netweaver platform that allows integration between SAP and legacy applications or other external systems.

How do you view mapping in SAP PI?

Steps in NWDS to test Message Mapping:

  1. Create the source XML: Right-click on the Message Mapping: Select “Generate” –> “XML File…”
  2. Create the mapping configuration: Right-click on the Message Mapping: Select “Run As” –> “Run Configuration…”
  3. Test the mapping by clicking: “Run”

What is data type in SAP PI?

In ES Repository, Data Type is an object, containing the structure of data that defines the message. You use these messages when there is an exchange of data during web service communication (point-to-point) or in Integration Server communication. You define a data type using XML Schema Definition Language (XSDL).

What is RFC lookup in SAP PI?

The data-flow editor in the mapping editor has the standard function RFC lookup with which you can define a mapping-lookup using the RFC adapter graphically. The function takes the request, response, and fault parts of an imported RFC into account.

What is splitOn dapper?

splitOn: CustomerId will result in a null customer name. If you specify CustomerId,CustomerName as split points, dapper assumes you are trying to split up the result set into 3 objects.