How does sedimentation volume affects the quality of suspension?

How does sedimentation volume affects the quality of suspension?

➢ Rate of sedimentation is slow , which prevents entrapping of liquid medium which makes it difficult to re-disperse by agitation. ➢ In deflocculated suspension larger particles settle fast and smaller remain in supernatant liquid so supernatant appears cloudy.

What is the size of the suspended drug having the range of?

Suspensions may be defined as preparations containing finely divided drug particles (between 1 and 50 micrometers in diameter) distributed uniformly throughout a fluid or semisolid vehicle. These particles are large enough to sediment under the influence of gravity.

How can you prevent suspension from sedimentation?

Slow down sedimentation by increasing viscosity of continuous phase. Velocity increases with the square of particle size making this the most critical parameter. For concentrated systems a crowding factor must be introduced which incorporates the phase volume Φ.

What are the stability problems of suspension?

Because suspensions are thermodynamically unstable system, physical stability of suspensions becomes as important as the chemical and biological stability. Physical stability of suspensions is the condition in which the particles do not aggregate and in which they remain uniformly distributed throughout the dispersion.

How do you calculate sedimentation volume?

Sediment volume was calculated by subtract- ing the volume of the current water-storage capacity from the volume of the 1972 original storage capacity in the same area.

Which suspension is more stable and why?

Suspension is more stable. This is because suspension does not mix with each other. The denser particles settle down at the bottom and makes the solution stable.

Is the criteria for good suspension?

1 It should settle slowly and should be readily re-dispersed on gentle shaking of the container. 2 The particle size of the suspension remains fairly constant throughout its long period of undisturbed standing . 3 The suspension should pour readily and evenly from its container.

How do you overcome sedimentation?

In many cases, managing sedimentation will require a combination of strategies and technologies, such as reducing the sediment yield at the catchment level, reducing inflows of sediments into storages using appropriate structures and technologies, operating storages effectively during flood conditions, and actively …

What suspension is most stable?

How do I stabilize my suspension?

Stabilizing a suspension There are various routes that can be undertaken to improve suspension stability – for example, stabilization can be achieved by: preventing coagulation through inter-particle repulsion. slowing down sedimentation by increasing the viscosity of the continuous phase.

How do you calculate Deflocculated sedimentation volume?

The degree of flocculation was determined using the equation β= F/F ∞ Where F is ultimate sedimentation volume in flocculated suspension. F ∞ is ultimate sedimentation volume in deflocculated suspension.

What are the suspending agents?

A suspending agent is a liquid in which a solid substance can be held in suspension. If the tablet is dissolved in a suspending agent, this will help suspend any insoluble components in the liquid. A suspending agent is a liquid in which a solid substance can be held in suspension.