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How does the pantograph produce an enlarged image?

How does the pantograph produce an enlarged image?

It’s based on parallelograms so that when moving one specified point, called the tracing stylus, along the outline of an image, an enlarged or reduced version of the image is created by the movement of another point, called the drawing stylus, which has a lead affixed to it.

What is a 3d pantograph?

This instructable is to build a 3d pantograph. A pantograph is a device that is used to copy pictures by tracing the original picture and the device draws a copy. This pantograph will let you carve or engrave a picture into a medium such as glass, metal, or wood. You can also trace a carving and reproduce it.

What is the best wood for routing?

As a rule pine will be the cheapest, but the best choice would be cedar. Fewer knots, a soft wood that routs easily, still low in cost.

What can you do with a pantograph tool?

The pantograph can change the copy size to larger or smaller, depending on how i… Homemade Router 3D, do it yourself three axis tool, versatile and cheap, you can do milling, holes, copy milling in 2D or 3D objects . Detailed plans for a homemade 3D Router table, perfect for DIY and woodworking projects.

How many strips of wood to make a pantograph?

So ignoring the first effort here’s how I made the second one, I cut five strips of wood four to make up the pantograph frame and one so that I could clamp it to the table. Click to make bigger. Click to make bigger.

How are the arms of a pantograph assembled?

Ensuring that they are drilled in the middle of the arm and correctly spaced will provide the accuracy of the final pantograph to make consistent enlargements. The arms are assembled as shown using the screws, with various nuts, dome nuts and wing nuts:

How big is the hole in a pantograph?

The bracket holding the pencil has four 2 cm legs, two holes for rivets or screws attaching it to Arm B, one hole for the pencil securing screw (with nut between bracket and pencil), and one hole large enough to pass the pencil. Using the pantograph is simple.