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How does the wobble wag giggle ball work?

How does the wobble wag giggle ball work?

There’s tubes inside the ball that make funny sounds as your dog interacts with it. It’s made of a flexible, durable and pet safe vinyl. It will keep your dog happy, healthy and fit. To test the Wobble-Wag-Giggle ball or W-W-G, as we like to call it.

Is wobble wag giggle ball safe?

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is made of flexible and durable phthalatefree vinyl to ensure that it is safe for your pooch. The ball uses simple tubes to produce the noise without the use of batteries, making it longlasting and easy to maintain.

Whats a giggle ball?

About this product. This ingenious dog toy is designed to keep your dog happy, healthy and entertained all day. The unique inner sound tubes make attractive ‘giggling’ noises whenever the toy is moved to engage the natural instincts that all dogs have.

What does the babble ball say?

As for the wildly popular Babble Ball, when touched, the interactive toy quips such phrases as: “Here we go again,” “Here puppy, puppy,” “Oh lucky dog,” and “Rock’n’roll big doggy,” to name a few of the messages.

How big is the wobble wag giggle ball?

Technical Details

Product Dimensions ‎16 x 14.99 x 21.08 cm; 36.29 Grams
Flavor ‎Flavorless
Allergen Information ‎Abalone Free
Colour ‎Green
Size ‎Medium

What is ball sound?

J. I. Katz. A basketball bounced on a stiff surface produces a characteristic loud thump, followed by high-pitched ringing.

What is the best dog toy in the world?

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Is Playology safe for dogs?

MADE FROM CHILD SAFE MATERIALS – We love our dogs like children. All Playology toys are tested to meet U.S. government human child safety standards for lead, phthalates, BPA and other toxins deemed hazardous. EASY TO CLEAN – Dirt and sand trapped on the surface of a toy can grind down your pup’s teeth.

How does a bumble ball work?

Its power switch consists of a knob that starts the motor when pushed in and stops the motor when pulled out. This causes it to vibrate and bounce about, some play music such as Wipe Out (instrumental). The core of the Bumble Ball is hard plastic while the knobs are a softer rubber texture.

How do I turn off the Talking Babble Ball?

The Talking Babble Ball is triggered by touch and turns off automatically when playtime is over. Paw-some toy is triggered by touch and turns off automatically when playtime is over, saving your batteries.

How do I change the battery in my babble ball?

Can I replace the batteries? Yes! The battery compartment can be opened by removing the 2 deep set phillips screws. Replace with 3 new 1.5 volt (AG13/LR44) button cell batteries.