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How far do you nail in pinewood derby wheels?

How far do you nail in pinewood derby wheels?

Add 1/8 inch to their width, and then measure down from the top of the axle nail and mark by that measurement. For example, if your wheels are 1/4 inch, then you need to mark 3/8 of an inch down the axle nail. This marks where you need to stop driving the nail into the car.

How much does it cost to bend a Pinewood Derby axle?

We recommend installing axles with a 1.5° bend for the front of the car and 2.5° bend for the rear. The axles heads are marked in the direction of the bend. Install the axles with the mark straight up.

How do you glue weights on a Pinewood Derby car?

Place a pencil under and across the car one inch in front of the rear axle. This is where the car should balance. Place the flat weight on the top of the car and move it forward and back until the car balances on the pencil. This is where the flat weight should be placed under the block.

Can a pinewood derby car have 3 wheels?

Rules vary from pack to pack, so make sure to check your pack’s Pinewood Derby rules to make sure three wheelers are allowed in your race. — Extend the Wheelbase: The front and rear wheels should be as far apart as possible.

Where should the weight be on a pinewood derby car?

Weight should be placed towards the rear of the car. You can drill the weight holes in the bottom, side or rear of the car as shown in these examples. Stay at least 1/8″ away from the axle slots.

How to install wheels on your pinewood derby car?

How to install wheels on your Pinewood Derby car. It’s as easy as ABC! If you do not have an accurate scale to weigh your car, use this technique to adjust your car’s weight at the weigh-in. Drill a hole in the back or bottom of your car. Fill the hole with BBs or our tungsten cubes. Plug the hole with Handi-Tak.

How to remove graphite from pine wood derby car?

Tap the wheel on the newspaper to remove loose graphite dust. Place wheel on the axle and attach to the Pine Wood Derby car. Squirt more graphite into the wheel’s hole next to the axle. Spin the wheel several times to get a good coating of graphite around the axle.

What should I use to polish my pinewood derby axles?

Optionally use the Pro-Axle Press to ensure that the nails are straight and round. Finally, polish the axles with an Axle Polishing Kit until they are bright and shiny. Avoid overzealous sanding with coarser papers, as that will reduce the diameter of the axle (not desirable).

What do you need to know about Pinewood Derby?

Pinewood Derby is a hobby that combines the crafts in making a model racing car with the thrill of competing with it. The cars themselves are simple, fashioned from a block of pine with basic axles and wheels, and driven solely by gravity.