How good are Prout catamarans?

How good are Prout catamarans?

Prouts are very well made boats. The sail plan is pretty conservative and the displacement is on the heavy side, so you won’t be beating any speed records, but she is a comfortable boat that will take you anywhere safely.

Where are Prout catamarans made?

Canvey Island
The new company, based on Canvey Island (some seven square miles lying off the South Coast of Essex in the Thames Estuary) was licensed by the Prouts to manufacture, promote and sell their catamaran designs, starting with the Quest 31.

How fast is an Outremer 45?

In a 5 knot breeze, for example, the Outremer 45 should hit 4-4.5 knots, and 15 knots is an attainable target in windier conditions. You’ll see 20 knots and over surfing if you can handle the adrenaline and you have your waterproof pants on.

How much is an Outremer 51?

A price tag of $717,600 puts the 51 in the luxury category.

Do Riley and elayna own La Vagabonde?

Sailing La Vagabonde is a YouTube channel run by Australian video bloggers Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu. As of 2021, the channel had over 1.5 million subscribers and is the most popular sailing YouTube channel. …

How much is a Outremer 4X?

I had already made a post about it and it was without surprise that the Outremer 4X won this year’s contest. Only the price of this beauty is not to like and they know it, since it is impossible to find it on line. It should cost over 750 000 euros, a huge price for a cruising boat.

Does Phil Mickelson have a private jet?

Phil Mickelson is celebrating his transition from owning a private jet to flying with global luxury charter operator VistaJet. “The greatest decision I made after owning a plane for 20 years was selling it and going with VistaJet because it has reduced my stress levels exponentially,” the champion golfer tells Forbes.

How much does the La Vagabonde cost?

For just $135,000 per 1/10th share, Sailing La Vagabonde Syndicate owners will enjoy more than a month a year onboard their new Outremer 45 that will be based in Manly, Brisbane with plans to cruise the East Coast of Australia and the islands of the South Pacific.