How long did John Abraham and Bipasha date?

How long did John Abraham and Bipasha date?

nine years
The couple dated for nine years and were in a live-in relationship. They were destined to get married but fate had something else planned. But what led to Hindi film’s power couple call it quits? It is said that Bipasha wanted to settle down while John wasn’t keen on marrying even after nine years of relationship.

Is John Abraham still married?

In the early ’00s, John and Bipasha Basu were labelled as ‘super couple’ of the industry. They started dating in 2002 and broke up after 9 years in 2011. After parting their ways, John ended up meeting Priya Runchal, a financial analyst. They kept their relationship a secret and married in 2014.

How did John and Priya meet?

John Abraham clarifies that Priya and he met through common friends, who worked at the World Bank in Mumbai, reports Mid-Day. The daily quotes John saying, “Priya was here doing her stint at the World Bank. It was much later that she started coming to the same gym where I worked out”.

Who is John Abraham wife?

Priya Runchalm. 2014
John Abraham/Wife

Abraham is now married to Priya Runchal, an NRI financial analyst and investment banker from the US but native to McLeod Ganj, whom he met in Mumbai, in December 2010. They married on 3 January 2014 and had a celebration in Los Angeles.

Did Bipasha Basu cheat on John Abraham?

While Bipasha told The Times Of India that their split was “definitely not amicable”, John said on a chat show that it was “very, very amicable” and that “there was nothing ugly” about it. There were rumours that John cheated on her with his now-wife Priya Runchal.

What happened to John Abraham?

Actor John Abraham got injured while shooting for his movie Attack. The actor’s face started bleeding after he was hit by a prop glass pole during the filming of an action scene. Actor John Abraham has been injured on the sets of his upcoming film, Attack.

What is the real name of John Abraham?

Farhan Abraham
John Abraham/Full name
He was born to a Malayali Narsani father and Parsi mother, and he was named Farhan Irani by his maternal side but uses John Abraham, which is reverse of his dad’s name, Abraham John.

Why did John Abraham broke up with Bipasha Basu?

According to a source, John had started taking Bips for granted and was not ready to take their relationship to the next level. Even after 10 years of dating, settling down was not on their cards anytime soon. It is also alleged that Salman Khan too played a contributing role in their separation.

What is the net worth of Vivek Oberoi?

Vivek Oberoi Net worth 2021

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What is wrong with John Abraham’s face?

According to information available on John Abraham’s official site, the superstar has a deviated nasal septum, which means a practically closed nose. However, John wasn’t born with the condition. It was a result of an accident when John’s elder brother dropped him on his face.