How long do Serta iComfort mattresses last?

How long do Serta iComfort mattresses last?

How long does Serta iComfort mattress last? These mattresses can last anywhere from eight to ten years, depending on how well they’re cared for. It is important to rotate your mattress every 4 to 6 months and to use a mattress cover to help get the most out of your mattress.

Is Serta iComfort good for side sleepers?

Best cooling mattress for side sleepers Serta’s iComfort line of mattresses is designed to provide significant support for side sleepers and for people with chronic back pain. Some reviewers who are combo sleepers and alternate between side, back, and stomach positions find this mattress comfortable and supportive.

How much does a Serta iComfort mattress cost?

iComfort (premium $1,399 to $2,599) Perfect Sleeper (value to mid-range $779 to $1,499) Sleep True (value range $759 to $999)

Can I flip my Serta iComfort mattress?

Can You Flip a Serta iComfort Mattress? The Serta iComfort range appears to follow the unilateral design – meaning they cannot be flipped.

Is iComfort a good mattress?

Most reviewers love this mattress. They call it comfortable and supportive and say they wake up cool, refreshed, and free of pain. Although a few reviewers find it a little too firm, others enjoy the sturdy support. Firmer mattresses generally work best for back and stomach sleepers.

Does iComfort need boxspring?

Do I Need A Box Spring? So glad you asked. The short answer is no. All you really need is a hard, flat surface to provide your mattress with the proper support.

Is iComfort worth the money?

What is the difference between iComfort and iComfort hybrid?

The iComfort Hybrid mattress line is similar to the all-foam iComfort mattress line, adding an innerspring system to the carbon fiber and gel memory foam design of the traditional iComfort.

Can you flip a Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress?

All Serta mattresses distributed through our retail partners are single-sided. While two-sided mattresses allow for the option of flipping, the mattress does not have to be flipped and can also be rotated to redistribute comfort layers.

Can you flip a Serta hybrid mattress?

Can you Flip a Hybrid Mattress? Hybrid mattresses are not designed to be flipped over. Not ideal, rotate your hybrid mattress every 6 months, every 3-6 months if you’re sharing the bed. This will ensure your comfort by sleeping on all of the mattress.

How thick is a Serta iComfort mattress?

12 inches thick
The Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress comes in a variety of choices. The base model is 12 inches thick and has a medium feel. Options include different levels of upgraded materials designed to help you stay cool at night.