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How long does a scoping review take?

How long does a scoping review take?

While Arksey and O’Malley (2005) sug- gested that scoping reviews could be completed relatively quickly, this claim has since been challenged. Thorough, thoughtful scoping reviews take time (Daudt et al., 2013). Authors have reported that this type of review has taken up to 20 months to complete (Pham et al., 2014).

How long should a systematic review take?

6-18 months

How do you write a scoping review?

What is a Scoping Review?Label body of literature with relevance to time, location (e.g. country or context), source (e.g. peer-reviewed or grey literature), and origin (e.g. healthcare discipline or academic field)Clarify working definitions and conceptual boundaries of a topic or field.Identify gaps in existing literature/research.

What are the limitations of systematic reviews?

Many reviews did not provide adequate summaries of the included studies. Settings of test use, the expected role of the test, study design characteristics, and demographics of participants, were often not reported. The counts needed to reconstruct the 2×2 tables of results used in each study were often not provided.