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How long does ZFS Resilvering take?

How long does ZFS Resilvering take?

The system takes a snap shot every 10 minutes and uses zfs send to copy to another server. within about 6-7 hours the resilvers completed.

How do I fix degraded Zpool?

At a high level, replacing a specific faulted drive takes the following steps:

  1. Identify the FAULTED or UNAVAILABLE drive.
  2. zpool replace the drive in question.
  3. Wait for the resilver to finish.
  4. zpool remove the replaced drive.
  5. zpool offline the removed drive.
  6. Perform any necessary cleanup.

Why is ZFS Resilvering?

Traditional file systems resilver data at the block level. Because ZFS eliminates the artificial layering of the volume manager, it can perform resilvering in a much more powerful and controlled manner. When an entire disk is replaced, the resilvering process takes time proportional to the amount of data used on disk.

Why is it called Resilvering?

A: Antique mirrors (the reflective kind you hang on a wall, or are in your bathroom) used silver (Ag) for the reflective coating, below the glass. Over time that silver would get tarnished and/or damaged, so you’d restore them by re-silvering them.

What does Zpool clear do?

If a device is taken offline due to a failure that causes errors to be listed in the zpool status output, you can clear the error counts with the zpool clear command.

How do I replace a Zpool mirror?

The following are the basic steps for replacing a disk:

  1. Offline the disk, if necessary, with the zpool offline command.
  2. Remove the disk to be replaced.
  3. Insert the replacement disk.
  4. Run the zpool replace command. For example: # zpool replace tank c1t1d0.
  5. Bring the disk online with the zpool online command.

What is Zpool status?

The zpool status command also shows whether any known errors are associated with the pool. These errors might have been found during data scrubbing or during normal operation. ZFS maintains a persistent log of all data errors associated with a pool.

How do I check my Rpool?

How to check zpool status in Solaris

  1. Basic Storage Pool Health Status. The simplest way to request a quick overview of pool health status by zpool status -x command. Example:
  2. Detailed Health Status. You can request a more detailed health summary by using the -v option to see if pool state is ONLINE.

Is ZFS dead?

PC file system progress stalled this week with the news on MacOSforge that Apple’s ZFS project is dead. ZFS Project Shutdown 2009-10-23 The ZFS project has been discontinued. The mailing list and repository will also be removed shortly. ZFS, developed by Sun engineers, is the first 21st century file system.

What is HDD mirroring?

In data storage, disk mirroring is the replication of logical disk volumes onto separate physical hard disks in real time to ensure continuous availability. It is most commonly used in RAID 1. A mirrored volume is a complete logical representation of separate volume copies.

Do mirrored drives needs to be identical?

Drives don’t have to be the same. THe new one only needs to be larger. Identical is ideal, but no RAID requires identical drives. The answer is maybe, even among the same manufacturer’s drives; the requirement for a hard drive to meet its size rating is that it have at least the published amount of storage.