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How long is mastery audiobook?

How long is mastery audiobook?

About this item

Listening Length 16 hours and 9 minutes
Publisher Penguin Audio
Program Type Audiobook
Version Unabridged
Language English

Are Robert Greene books useful?

They are worth reading if you are willing to learn from them. Each book mirrors a certain philosopher, but in a modern way that anyone can understand, if they choose to.

Can you listen to Audible on Kindle?

Yes. Any Audible audiobook with a Whispersync for Voice Kindle eBook companion can be played using the Kindle app. You must own the matching audiobook and Kindle eBook pair for this functionality to be available. You can browse a full list of Kindle eBooks with audiobook companions here.

What is Whispersync for Voice?

Whispersync is Amazon’s technology that lets readers switch “back and forth between a Kindle book and Audible professional narration – without ever losing your place.” This works great as along as you listen to the book through an Audible app.

How long is mastery book?

Mastery (book)

Hardcover edition
Author Robert Greene
Publication date November 13, 2012
Pages 353
Preceded by The 50th Law

Why is the 48 Laws of Power banned in prisons?

The reason why 48 Laws Of Power is banned in prison systems is due to the fact it’s a book about manipulation tactics. The 48 Laws of Power are all based upon how to manipulate people, places and situations. A prison system already has a number of issues to deal with in regards to power struggles.

Is 48 Laws of Power Bad?

the 48 laws of power are neither good nor evil; they are just LAWS. OVERALL: If you want to have more power or a better understanding of why different situations turn out the the way they do, you should definitely read the 48 laws of power by Robert Greene.

What is the best audio book app?

Best audiobook apps in 2021

  1. Audible (Android, iOS: $17.95/month)
  2. (Android, iOS: $14.95/month)
  3. Realm (Android, iOS: Free)
  4. Google Play Books (Android, iOS: Free)
  5. Kobo Books (Android, iOS: Free)
  6. Bookmobile (iOS: $3.99)
  7. Smart AudioBook Player (Android: $1.99)
  8. Listen Audiobook Player (Android: $1.99)

Can you listen and read at the same time on Kindle?

With Immersion Reading you can read and listen to your books at the same time using the Kindle app. Books that have a matching audiobook will feature a headphones icon in the upper right corner of the book on the Kindle App.

How many keys of mastery are there?

five keys
The five keys to mastery: Instruction, Practice, Surrender, Intentionality, and The Edge.

How long will it take to read the laws of human nature?

16 hours and 29 minutes
The average reader will spend 16 hours and 29 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute). Robert Greene is a master guide for millions of readers, distilling ancient wisdom and philosophy into essential texts for seekers of power, understanding and mastery.