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How long is the walk to the Figure 8 pools?

How long is the walk to the Figure 8 pools?

Getting there – it’s a long walk! It’s a long, hard 6-8km walk on a steep, narrow, slippery track in a remote area. The walk takes 4-5 hours each way. Give it a miss if you’re not feeling fit. Aim to get to Figure Eight Pools before midday.

How do you get on the 8 figure pool train?

Figure Eight Pools is a very long walk from any railway stations. It’s a 6km walk (one-way) from Otford train station to Garawarra Farm carpark, which takes about 2 hours. From Garawarra Farm carpark it’s still another 3km to walk down to Figure Eight Pools.

How are the figure8 pools formed?

The Figure Eight Pool is one of a number of rock pools on the large rock platform, formed by two circular sinkholes merging. It’s much smaller than I expected, but it is very photogenic. It would be a great place to spend an hour or two, if you could find a time where it wasn’t over-run with people!

How many Figure 8 pools are there?

one figure 8 pool
Yes, there is just one figure 8 pool, not a whole lot of Figure 8 Pools. There are another 8 pools to swim in and you’ll be surrounded by the bush, cliffs and infinite sea so it’s still one of the best things to do in Sydney.

What is the best time to visit Figure 8 pools?

When is the best time to go to the Figure 8 Pool? At low tide and a low swell. You should prioritise safety first. If you can plan ahead, then if you can get a low tide and low swell at sunrise or sunset, this will be the best time to go.

How long is the walk to karloo pools?

The walk to Karloo Pools is less than 3km and should take no more than one hour, one way. It is downhill on the way to the pools and uphill on the way back, so leave yourself a bit more time on the return walk up the Karloo Track.

How many people have died at wedding cake rock?

one death
There has been one death at Wedding Cake Rock that has not been the result of erosion. A 24 year young French tourist and amateur climber jumped from the lower tier to grab the upper tier however slipped on impact losing traction causing him to fall more than 40 meters to his death.

Can you swim in Uloola Falls?

Uloola Falls from above and blow The nearby Uloola campsite is a lovely spot for a summer camping adventure. Facilities are limited to a toilet block, but the creek is a good swimming spot. The ledges around the falls are great spots for a picnic or a rest stop during the walk.

Can you drive to Marley Beach?

This rewarding walk from Bundeena Drive to Little Marley Beach leads through heath, past fresh water pools and creeks, and on to scenic beach views in Royal National Park.

Can you sit on Wedding Cake Rock?

Please don’t walk beyond the fencing to stand or sit on Wedding Cake Rock. The dangerously unstable nature of this rock and the cliff edges around it is a risk to your safety.

How long is the walk to Wedding Cake Rock?

4.2 miles
The Wedding Cake Rock hike is a 6.8 kilometre (4.2 miles) walk. Allow 2 hours return (there and back). There is a locked gate at the end of Beachcomber Ave, Bundeena. This is the start of the Coast Track.

How long is Lady Carrington Drive?

9.7 km
Lady Carrington Drive/Length

Lady Carrington Drive is a 9.7km, grade 3 One way hike located in Royal National Park, New South Wales. The hike should take approximately 3 hrs 45 mins to complete.