How many calories are in pepperoni rolls?

How many calories are in pepperoni rolls?

Curbside at Victoria H‑E‑B plus!

Amount Per Serving
Calories 480 Calories From Fat

How many calories are in a slice of bread?

Low in Essential Nutrients

White bread Sourdough bread
Serving size 1 slice (25 grams) 1 small slice (32 grams)
Calories 67 93
Total fat 1 gram 0.6 grams
Carbs 13 grams 18 grams

How many calories does 2 slices of bread contain?

Traditional American Cuisine: 1,600 Calories

Lunch Energy (Kcal) Fat (GM)
Whole-wheat bread, 2 med. slices 139 2.4
Lean roast beef, unseasoned, 2 oz 60 1.5
American cheese, low-fat and low-sodium, 1 slice (¾ oz) 46 1.8
Lettuce, 1 leaf 1 0

What’s the serving size of pizza rolls?

MICROWAVE on HIGH 1:00 to 1:15 for 1 serving (6 rolls), 2:00 to 2:40 for 2 servings (12 rolls)….Filling will be very hot. Be cautious on first bite.

Quantity Oven Toaster Oven
20 rolls 10 to 12 minutes 13 to 15 minutes
40 rolls 13 to 15 minutes Not recommended

Can you eat pizza and lose weight?

A new study is suggesting that eating pizza could actually help you lose weight. Study participants were placed on a diet that was limited to only 10,500 calories per week. Keep in mind that the average American man consumes nearly 18,000 calories each week.

How many calories are in 20 pizza rolls?

250 calories
Per 20 Rolls: 250 calories; 2.5 g sat fat (13% DV); 470 mg sodium (20% DV); 3 g total sugars.

How many calories are in a serving of pizza rolls?

210 calories per serving. No trans fat. Source of protein and iron.