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How many channels are on Startimes decoder?

How many channels are on Startimes decoder?

The Nova bouquet has the cheapest StarTimes subscription price in Ghana. For GHC. 20 per month, you will have access to over 27 channels covering entertainment, news, and music genre.

How much does Startimes decoder cost in Kenya?

The decoder retails at the cost of Ksh 1,999 and comes with a free one-month DTH Super Bouquet and one-month DTH Unique Bouquet.

How much should I pay for Startimes decoder?

The StarTimes Pay Television terrestrial Digital Box will now retail at KES 999 from 1,499 (-33%), while the satellite full kit with dish, decoder, 10 metre cable and accessories will retail at KES 2,699 from 2,999 (-10%).

What are the packages of Startimes?

Startimes Nigeria Bouquet, Channels, And Prices

  • Startimes Nova Bouquet (N900/month)
  • Startimes Basic Bouquet (N1700/month)
  • Startimes Classic Bouquet (N2500/month)
  • Startimes Nova Bouquet (N900/month)
  • Startimes Smart Bouquet (N2200/month)
  • Startimes Super Bouquet (N4200/month)
  • Startimes Chinese Bouquet (N6600/month)

How much is StarTimes monthly?

Startimes Kenya offers the 3 packages under the antenna or aerial digital TV option; Nyota bouquet….List of StarTimes Kenya Antenna Channels in 2021.

Package Channels (at least) Price
StarTimes Basic 60 Ksh. 599/mo
StarTimes Classic 78 Ksh. 899/mo

How much is StarTimes per day?

Subscribers can pay a daily fee of KES 25 for Nyota, KES 60 for Basic bouquet or KES 85 for Classic. Weekly charges for Nyota, Basic and Classic bouquets are KES 95, KES 220 and KES 340 respectively.

How much is StarTimes basic?

Basic Bouquet. This bouquet costs 1,700 Naira a month. It comes with 40 StarTimes channels: Nina TV E.

Can I pay StarTimes daily?

StarTimes Daily and Weekly Charges You can also pay for your StartTimes bouquet package on a daily or weekly subscription.

How do I activate StarTimes pay per day?

You can pay via your mobile phone using mobile recharge, just dial *322*8888*amount#. You can as well pay via quickteller, just log on to When paying via Bank USSD, select bill payment and from there select cable TV followed by selecting Startimes.

Can I use DStv dish for StarTimes decoder?

It will now be easier for Satellite TV users from DStv and Zuku in Kenya to migrate to Startimes Satellite transmission. Startimes made it easy for users who already had dishes for the other services including the defunct GTV to just have their Satellite Dish repositioned and connected to a Startimes HD Decoder.

Does StarTimes have free channels?

Upon the expiry of the one month free Unique bouquet package, Kenyans will enjoy uninterrupted access to over 55 free to air local channels in digital quality for good. …

How does Startimes decoder work?

It uses high towered signal transmission masts to propagate their signals within a defined geographical area. All you require to capture this signal is a special ariel antenna connected to a digital signal decoder which is set at same frequency with the frequency of the propagated signal.

How much does it cost to get a StarTimes decoder?

Overall, buying any of these decoders comes with other accessories which include a package of a 10 m outdoor antenna and a free 1 month Nova startimes package. You can also buy the outdoor antenna alone for just N1500. Also, there’s an option of the Startimes TV which comes the channels pre-installed on the TV.

Do you need dish decoder to use StarTimes?

With its simple-to-install antenna decoders that require no dish coupled with its low tariffs, StarTimes has brought digital TV within the means of very many Nigerians. StarTimes however offers dish decoders also for interested customers. Here are the bouquets, channels and decoders from StarTimes.

What kind of programming does the Startimes channel have?

The channel’s programming consists of original first-run television series, along with occasional broadcasts of released and original made-for-cable movies and select other third-party programming.

How much does StarTimes pay TV bouquet cost?

Startimes Unique Bouquets. Star times Nova Bouquet. The Nova Bouquet provides access to over 26 channels. Presently, the Nova Bouquet is the most available bouquet package in the history of Nigerian Pay TV. It is quite affordable at a cost of N800 per month and below are the 26 channels available on this Bouquet.