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How many decibels is a GGB trail can?

How many decibels is a GGB trail can?

I stock sled is around 85 db. If 5 more is a problem where you ride I recommend staying with the stock system. Not sure what happens in your area when a late 90’s sled comes around. Those things were much louder right from the factory then sleds are today.

Who makes GGB exhaust?

Polaris – GGB Exhaust Technologies Inc.

How loud is a GGB mountain can?

The MTN can definitely has a “beefier” sound to it and the daughter says “that’s it, leave it on”. I like a louder than stock sound, but not so loud it’s obnoxious, I think that comes with age…

Where is GGB exhaust made?

Alpine Powersports is your # 1choice for GGB snowmobile exhaust in Canada. 100% Canadian built with quality workmanship in Ontario.

What is a trail can?

The Trail Can utility tool box provides additional storage for tools and other utility items in a durable, lockable steel container. The hinged top lid and full front hinged-door allow for easy access and full-function storage drawers.

What is the best snowmobile exhaust?

Best Snowmobile Exhaust

  • 2019-2021 Polaris 850 Axys/Matrix/Pro RMK/INDY VR1 Mountain Muffler.
  • 2019-21 Polaris 850 AXYS Competition Series Silencer.
  • HPS Polaris Patriot 850.
  • 2019-2021 AXYS Chassis Patriot 850.
  • MBRP Trail Series Performance Exhaust.

How much does a GGB mountain can weigh?

The Mountain Can Weighed 4.5lbs (4lbs 8oz) The trail can is 7 lbs 3 oz. Both cans sound nice.

Are Trail cans legal in Ontario?

Constable Phil Young with the East Algoma detachment of the OPP says modified mufflers or exhaust systems on sleds are against the law. Modified exhaust systems, called “pipes,” or “cans” can amp up the decibels on a snowmobile, but can also irritate homeowners living near trails.

What is a trail can snowmobile?

A trail snowmobile is a vehicle that seeks to combine both touring and performance into one machine. Sought after by new and recreational riders for it’s versatility, a trail snowmobile combines speed, handling, and comfort.

What is a snowmobile mountain can? is your MBRP Exhaust source for your Arctic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha or Ski Doo. These lightweight cans offer great power and sound awesome. Tune up your sled with a MBRP Exhaust.

Are straight pipes legal in Canada?

(1.3) No person shall install a muffler cut-out, straight exhaust, gutted muffler, hollywood muffler, by-pass or similar device on a motor vehicle or motor assisted bicycle. The sound levels specified in Schedule V.I to the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations made under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada).

Is a muffler delete illegal in Quebec?

Muffler delete is 100% illegal here. Basically you are allowed until you get stopped. You will have to tow the car back or they can even impound it. All is at the discretion of the cop, some don’t care some will impound the car.