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How many episodes of the haves and have nots Season 1?

How many episodes of the haves and have nots Season 1?

16 episodes
Season 1 of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots premiered on May 28, 2013 to September 3, 2013 with a total of 16 episodes.

How can I watch have and have nots for free?

If you’re a cord-cutter or don’t have cable, you can live stream “The Haves and the Have Nots” on Fubo TV (free trial).

How can I watch my own network for free?

Watch OWN is an app that lets you watch live streams and full episodes from OWN in HD on the web, your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play to watch on your mobile devices.
  2. Access Watch OWN on the web at
  3. Watch OWN on your Apple TV or Roku player.

What happened to Candace son on the haves and have nots?

Candace did come up with the money, but Quincy refused to give her Little Q. He lied by telling her that he took their son on a fishing trip and threw him off a bridge, and he died in the water. Quincy’s story was so believable that Candace went to the police with that information.

What time does have and Have Nots come on?

The episode usually runs around 45 minutes (including commercials). What day does The Haves and the Have Nots come on? Make sure you have your TV ready every Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST to catch new episodes.

Will have and Have Nots return?

The Haves and the Have Nots: Season Six Renewal Confirmed, OWN Sets Series’ Return Date April 9, 2019; The Haves and the Have Nots: Season Five; OWN Announces TV Show’s Return December 26, 2018

Who are the haves and who are the Have Nots?

… The Haves and the Have Nots is a primetime cable drama written by Tyler Perry, focusing on the interacting lives of the rich Cryer and Harrington families and the poor Young family. Hanna Young, a struggling maid working for the Cryers, wasn’t the best person in the past but is now a woman of faith.

Who are the Have Nots?

The Have Nots are a Ska punk band from Boston, Massachusetts, consisting of Jon Cauztik (guitar, vocals), Matt Pruitt (guitar, vocals), Jameson Hollis (bass), and Steve Patton (drums). 1 History.