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How many Mack Bolan books are there?

How many Mack Bolan books are there?

Mack Bolan, alias The Executioner, is a fictional character who has been serialized in 631 novels with sales of more than 200 million books. Created by Don Pendleton, Bolan made his first appearance on the printed page in War Against the Mafia (1969).

Will there ever be a Mack Bolan movie?

Writer Shane Salerno is scripting a new MACK BOLAN movie and Bradley Cooper will star as The Executioner. THE HANGOVER director Todd Phillips will direct. Author Don Pendleton introduced Mack Bolan (aka The Executioner) in 1969. Cooper’s Hangover director Todd Phillips is on board to helm the adaptation.

How many books are in the Executioner series?

37 book
The Executioner (37 book series) Kindle Edition.

Is the Punisher based on Mack Bolan?

The Punisher was no exception. Before Frank Castle hit the comics page in 1974, there was Mack Bolan: The Executioner. Obviously, that’s completely different from the Punisher. Frank was in the Marines, not the Army, and Bolan was from Massachusetts, not New York.

Who wrote Mack Bolan books?

Don Pendleton
Mack Bolan/Creators

Author Don Pendleton created his iconic hero Mack Bolan in 1969, and saw him through 37 of his first 38 adventures in 11 years. Now that’s prolific. Eventually he sold the rights to the character and, until his death in 1995, consulted on the hundreds of books that followed.

Who wrote The Executioner series?

Don Pendleton
David L. Robbins
The Executioner/Authors
The Executioner was created and initially written by American author Don Pendleton, who penned 37 of the original 38 Bolan novels (he didn’t write #16).

Who wrote Mack Bolan?

Who is the executioner in slasher?

Cam Henry
The Executioner (Cam Henry) managed to kill nine people during his time as the Executioner, however only one of the deaths wasn’t premeditated, and that was his father Alan Henry.

Who is the executioner DC?

The name was later used by two other characters: an axe-wielding android member of the Crazy Gang and a vigilante named Daniel DuBois, the son of Princess Python….Executioner (character)

The Executioner
Created by Stan Lee (writer) Jack Kirby (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Skurge
Species Asgardian Half-giant

Why is the Punisher called the Punisher?

First introduced in a 1974 Spider-Man comic book, the character Frank Castle, a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War, became The Punisher after witnessing his family murdered by the Mob in Central Park and deciding to wage his own war on crime.

Is the Punisher good or evil?

The Punisher has always been blurred between the distinction of “good” and “evil” but is as worthy of note as any other anti-hero in fiction (especially given his brutal nature). He is one of Marvel’s most popular anti-heroes and has appeared in a great many media out with his origins as a comic book character.

Who was the executioner in slasher?

Who is the author of the Order of Mack Bolan?

Order of Mack Bolan Books. Mack Bolan is a fictional character created by American author Don Pendleton who appears in the Mack Bolan (aka SuperBolan) action-adventure series, which is a spin-off of his earlier series, The Executioner. The character also appears in the Stony Man series and others.

How did Mack Bolan get on the Hit List?

After fighting the Mafia, KGB joined his hit list by destroying a team he led: Stony man. These made him single handedly fight against it a move that led to his conviction for murder. The murder was framed. This famous life of Mack Bolan has been captured in three series; the executioner, super Bolan and Stony man.

When did Don Pendleton start the Mack Bolan series?

Don Pendleton started the Mack Bolan (aka SuperBolan) spin-off series in 1983 with the novel Stony Man Doctrine. The novel was also the debut novel of the Stony Man spin-off series.

When did Mack Bolan the executioner come out?

Mack Bolan: The Executioner was a comic book adaptation of War Against the Mafia adapted by Don and Linda Pendleton, published in 1993 by Innovation Publishing with art by Sandu Florea. Intended to run four issues, the final installment was not published due to Innovation closing.