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How many miles can a Mitsubishi Endeavor last?

How many miles can a Mitsubishi Endeavor last?

any style Mitsubishi will run a long long time. My galant lasted over 350,000 miles. My endeavor so far has lasted until 200,000. I’m sure it has a lot more miles to go!

What 2008 car has the best gas mileage?

Top 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Sedans of 2008

  • Toyota Prius — 48/45*
  • Honda Civic Hybrid — 40/45*
  • Nissan Altima Hybrid — 35/33*
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid — 33/34*
  • Toyota Yaris — 29/36.
  • Toyota Corolla — 28/37.
  • Honda Fit — 28/34.
  • Honda Civic — 25/36*

Is 42 mpg good?

The generally accepted standard has risen from a consumption of around 8.1 to 7.1 litres per 100km (35-40mpg) in the past to more like 5.6 to 5.1 litres (50-55mpg). As a rule of thumb, vehicles listed at less than 6.0 litres/100km are considered to have ‘good’ MPG.

Is endeavor a good SUV?

Smooth ride, easy handling, plenty of room. Great style and lots of car for the money. Its surprising there arent more of these out on the road. the endeavor is a wonderful suv with complete comfort good looks and very low priced for whats its gets good gas millage for an suv and is very roomy in the inside.

How reliable are Mitsubishi Endeavor?

The average rating is a 3.8 out of 5 stars. The Mitsubishi Endeavor Reliability Rating is 4.0 out of 5. It ranks 6th out of 32 for all car brands. Learn more about Mitsubishi Endeavor Reliability Ratings.

What SUV gets the best gas mileage 2006?

Top 10 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs and Pickups for 2006

  • Lexus RX 400h — 33/28.
  • Ford Escape — 24/29. Ford Ranger — 24/29.
  • Honda CR-V — 23/29. Saturn Vue — 23/29.
  • Subaru Baja — 23/28.
  • Mitsubishi Outlander — 22/28.
  • Hyundai Tucson — 22/27. Kia Sportage — 22/27.
  • Mercury Mariner — 22/26. Honda Element — 22/26.
  • Nissan Frontier — 22/25.

Does Honda Civic come in hybrid?

The new 2022 Civic sedan looks a good deal more like the Insight hybrid sedan, which Honda introduced for 2019.

What was the last year the Mitsubishi Endeavor was made?

That’s likely why Mitsubishi decided to discontinue it – 2011 was the last year the Endeavor was sold in the U.S. The 2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor comes with a 3.8-liter V6 engine, a four-speed automatic transmission and front- or all-wheel drive.

Is Mitsubishi Endeavor discontinued?

Never a big seller, Endeavor’s numbers took a nosedive after 2007. The model was discontinued after the 2011 model year.