How many people are counting votes in Delhi?

How many people are counting votes in Delhi?

The Delhi Election Commission announced that 2,000 Central Paramilitary Force and Delhi Police personnel were at the vote-counting centers in the city on the day of the result announcement and CCTV cameras and live streaming of proceedings through webcasting, two layers of security cover have been set at all the 14 counting centers.

How many constituencies are there in Delhi Legislative Assembly?

Delhi is a state in India having a Legislative Assembly and it is also a union territory. There are seventy constituencies in the Delhi Legislative Assembly. In the Delhi Election 2020, about 1.46 Crore eligible voters decided the fate of the candidates.

How many seats did Aam Aadmi Party win in Delhi?

The Aam Aadmi Party has won the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 by securing 62 seats out of 70 i. e. 5 less than the previous election. BJP had a gain of 5 seats than previous having won 8 seats in the Delhi Election Result 2020.

Which is the winning party in Delhi 2019?

On 23 May 2019 as the results stated, BJP swept Delhi by winning all the 7 seats, with its candidates bragging more than 50% votes in their constituencies.

Who is the current Chief Minister of Delhi?

The Bharatiya Janata Party won a plurality, closely followed by Aam Aadmi Party, in its first election; this resulted in a hung assembly. After the BJP refused to form a government in the hung assembly, the Aam Aadmi Party ‘s (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal became chief minister with “unconditional” support from the Indian National Congress (INC).

Who is the leader of Delhi Legislative Assembly?

2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly election First party Second party Third party Leader Dr. Harsh Vardhan Arvind Kejriwal Sheila Dikshit Party BJP AAP INC Leader since 2012 2012 1998 Leader’s seat Krishna Nagar New Delhi New Delhi (lost)

How many assembly constituencies did Kejriwal win in Delhi?

Kejriwal’s singular victory in the New Delhi constituency, coupled with the 28 Assembly constituencies that it bagged, has surprised all political rivals including the Congress and the BJP.

How many Lok Sabha seats are there in Gujarat?

Elections in Gujarat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Elections in Gujarat are being conducted since 1962 to elect the members of the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha and the members of the lower house of the Indian Parliament, the Lok Sabha. There are 182 Vidhan Sabha constituencies and 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state.