How many points do you need for an ID in NY?

How many points do you need for an ID in NY?

You must meet the following criteria to apply for an IDNYC card: 1. At least 4 points of documents with at least 3 points proving identity and at least 1 point proving residency in NYC. 2. At least 1 of the documents submitted must have a photo, unless applicant is accompanied by a caretaker.

What documents are needed for state ID in NY?

New York State DMV began issuing REAL ID licenses, permits, and ID cards on October 30, 2017

  • Proof of identity, such as valid license, birth certificate or passport, with your full first, middle (if applicable) and last name.
  • Proof of Social Security Number or Social Security Number ineligibility.

How much does a New York state ID cost?


Standard Non-Driver ID Card Valid Fee
Under age 62, your next birthday is within the next 6 months 4 years $9.00
Under age 62, your next birthday is more than 6 months away 8 years $13.00
Under age 62 and receive SSI 10 years $6.50
Age 62 or older 10 years $6.50

What counts as proof of residency NY?

Examples of acceptable proof of residency are: ▪ lease or deed, or if not available, a letter from a landlord on the landlord’s letterhead indicating dates of tenancy and rent payments ▪ postmarked envelope mailed to you at your current address, dated less than six (6) months ago ▪ prior year’s income tax return ( …

What is needed for an enhanced driver’s license NY?

To apply for an EDL or ENDID, you must provide:

  • A Social Security card.
  • Date of birth and proof of identity.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • Two proofs of New York State residency.

How can I get a NY state ID?

ID cards are issued through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You’ll need to show a number of forms of identification to apply for either ID, beginning with your Social Security card and birth certificate. You’ll also be asked to pay a small application fee.