How many presidential debates were there in 2008?

How many presidential debates were there in 2008?

The United States presidential debates of 2008 were sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a bipartisan organization that sponsored four debates that occurred at various locations around the United States in September and October 2008.

When were the 2000 presidential debates?

The presidential debates were held on October 3 at the University of Massachusetts Boston, October 11 at Wake Forest University, and October 17 at Washington University in St. Louis, ahead of the November 7 Election Day.

How many presidential debates are there in 2016?

The 2016 United States presidential debates were a series of debates held for the presidential election. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a bipartisan organization formed in 1987, organized three debates among the major presidential candidates.

Who moderated Obama debate?

October 22: Third presidential debate (Lynn University)

Third presidential debate
Venue Lynn University
Location Boca Raton, Florida
Participants Barack Obama Mitt Romney
Moderator(s) Bob Schieffer of CBS

Who ran for president in 2000?

2000 United States presidential election

Nominee George W. Bush Al Gore
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Texas Tennessee
Running mate Dick Cheney Joe Lieberman
Electoral vote 271 266

Who did George Bush debate?

Three debates were held between Republican incumbent George W. Bush and Democratic candidate John Kerry, the major candidates, and one debate was held with their vice presidential running mates, incumbent Dick Cheney and John Edwards.

Who won the 2012 presidential debates?

A CNN poll of debate watchers found that 48% of respondents called Obama the winner, 40% called Romney the winner, and 12% had no opinion or thought they tied; CNN noted that the debate audience polled was about five percentage points more Republican than the general population.

When did the debates take place in 2012?

All four debates took place between 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. EDT (6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. PDT ). Subsequently, on October 3, 2012, both campaigns executed a memorandum of understanding governing technical and administrative details of the debate.

Who are the third party candidates for President?

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation organized a debate featuring third party candidates Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson, which was held in Chicago at 9:00pm EDT on October 23, 2012.

When did the 15% threshold come out for the debates?

The 15% threshold was reapplied with polling numbers following the first debate in order to judge the participants in the second debate on October 9. Moderators for the four debates were announced September 2, 2016.

Where can I watch the debates on TV?

TV Channels – Each debate will be broadcast live on C-SPAN, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as all cable news channels including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC among others. Full Videos – Click the “Watch Full Video Link” below on each debate to watch the entire debate video.