How many trophies C Ronaldo has won?

How many trophies C Ronaldo has won?

32 trophies
He has won 32 trophies in his career, including seven league titles, five UEFA Champions Leagues, one UEFA European Championship and one UEFA Nations League.

What is Ronaldo position in Juventus?

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How long was Ronaldo at Juventus?

On 10 July 2018, two icons of the European and football world came together – Cristiano Ronaldo became a Juventus player. Today, after three years together and 133 appearances, 101 goals scored and five trophies won, that chapter has come to an end…. The paths of CR7 and Juventus have gone their separate ways.

How many world best has Ronaldo won?

The award was formerly known as the FIFA World Player of the Year, which was merged with France Football’s Ballon d’Or in 2010 to become the FIFA Ballon d’Or in a six-year partnership….Wins by player.

Player Cristiano Ronaldo
Winner 2 (2016, 2017)
Second place 2 (2018, 2020)
Third place 1 (2019)

How much did Real Madrid pay for Ronaldo?

26.52 million GBP (2022)
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Which club is C Ronaldo now?

Manchester United F.C.#7 / Forward
Portugal national football team#7 / Forward
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Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo (File image) Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Manchester United, the top English football club said in a statement issued on August 27. According to United, it has reached an agreement with Juventus – the club team for which Ronaldo is currently playing – for his transfer.

How often does Cristiano Ronaldo score a goal?

Ronaldo scores a goal every 134 minutes for Portugal, and Messi scores a goal every 164 minutes for Argentina. When you factor in assists, Ronaldo makes a goal contribution every 104 minutes, whereas Messi makes a goal contribution every 103 minutes.

When did Cristiano Ronaldo score his first hat trick?

On 6 September 2013, Ronaldo scored his first international hat-trick against Northern Ireland during a 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier. He has scored nine international hat-tricks, and on two occasions, four international goals in a single match.

When did Cristiano Ronaldo start playing for Portugal?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer who has represented the Portugal national football team as a forward since his debut on 20 August 2003 against Kazakhstan in a friendly. He would later score his first international goal on 12 June 2004, during a UEFA Euro 2004 group stage match against Greece.

Which is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

The stats show that Ronaldo consistently has more shots on goal than Messi, totalling 3086 shots in the league and Champions League since 2009/10, compared to Messi’s 2413 shots. However, Messi converts a higher percentage of his shots, scoring a goal with every 4.94 shots , whereas Ronaldo scores a goal with every 6.46 shots .