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How much are bus tickets to Washington DC?

How much are bus tickets to Washington DC?

WMATA fares range from $2.25 to $6 per trip depending on how many stops you travel and whether you’re traveling during peak hours. If traveling outside of rush hour, fares typically range from $1.85 to $3.85. To pay for these fares, use a SmarTrip card.

Does Greyhound go to Washington DC?

The main Greyhound bus station in Washington, DC is in the city’s historic Union Station. You can reach Union Station by taking the red line of the DC Metro. The station has a will call for purchased tickets.

How much is the circulator bus?

Fares and Payment Information How much does it cost to ride the DC Circulator? The base fare for DC Circulator rides is $1 per person, per trip.

Are buses running in Washington?

Most of Washington’s transit providers are still operating, many at reduced levels of scheduled service. In addition, some transit agencies and nonprofit transportation providers are providing a new service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: They are delivering food, meals, and prescriptions to people in need.

Where do Greyhound buses leave from in Washington DC?

Union Station in Washington, District Of Columbia. Greyhound.

Is the circulator bus free?

Following two months of free rides on DC’s Circulator bus in February and March, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that Circulator rides will now be free, permanently….The Circulator is now free. Why just the Circulator? It’s complicated.

Metrobus Circulator
Fare $2.00 Free ($1.00 until recently)
Number of routes Lots Six

How often does the DC Circulator run?

every 10 minutes
DC Circulator buses run every 10 minutes during the following hours of operation for each route.

Is public transportation free in Washington state?

Transit agencies around Puget Sound are going fare free or canceling routes during the coronavirus outbreak in Washington state. Several transit agencies around the Puget Sound region have announced route changes and cancelations amid the coronavirus outbreak in Washington state.

Where does the bus from New York to Washington stop?

New York to Washington bus details Our route M21 bus stops at 3 stops between New York and Washington. The bus sets off from 34th St b/t 11th Ave and 12th Ave and drops you off at Union Station

Are there any buses that go to Washington DC?

What bus companies travel to Washington, District of Columbia? Located in District of Columbia, Washington is accessible by bus from 151 other cities. You can choose from 517 daily scheduled trips when you search for buses to Washington on Wanderu. FlixBus US usually has the most buses on any given day.

What to expect on a Washington Deluxe bus?

With two lines to serve you. Our award winning standard coach service offers amenities such as wifi, electrical outlets and more… Our newest offering, Washington Deluxe LUX give you a first class executive experience featuring oversized seating, fewer seats on board, more leg room, complimentary movies on your personal device and more…

How long is the bus from Boston to Washington DC?

Buses from Richmond usually arrive in Washington at 550 New York Avenue NW. There are 15 scheduled buses per day from Boston to Washington. The route can be as long as 394 miles, or 634 kilometers. On average, the journey takes 10 hours and 45 minutes. There are 3 bus lines that operate on this route. Greyhound has the most daily buses.