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How much are Elvis Presley LPs worth?

How much are Elvis Presley LPs worth?

Elvis – Elvis Presley: up to $500 (£425) However, certain records are worth a pretty penny, and a fair few feature in our ranking. Have a look out for mono copies of the King’s debut album. These can sell for up to $500 (£425).

Are there any Elvis records worth money?

Elvis’ 1961 classic Can’t Help Falling in Love sold over a million copies in the US, and the standard 45 rpm singles are ten a penny. The limited edition 33 rpm singles on the other hand are worth a fortune. The hula cover version is most valuable, realizing up to $4,000 at auction.

Are LPs and records worth anything?

Valuable LPs are varied and cover off a wide range of genres. In terms of how much they’re worth, some have an evergreen value, while other valuable vinyl records fluctuate in price depending on buying trends, band anniversaries and other notable events, including the death of an artist.

How many LPs did Elvis Presley make?

Elvis made a huge range of music from soundtracks and gospel to compilations and live recordings. Altogether, he made 24 albums in all, many of which performed better in the USA compared to the UK. He is known for his iconic style and ability to sing various genres, something which left fans desperate for more.

What is the most expensive Elvis Presley record?

An acetate copy of My Happiness, the first song Elvis Presley ever recorded, has been auctioned for a total price of $300,000 (£200,000). Elvis’ first recording, and one of the most valuable records of all time, was sold in an auction yesterday to coincide with what would have been The King’s 80th birthday.

What are old LPs worth?

Rare and Valuable LPs (33 RPM) Many have values that exceed $100. Some sell for $1000 or more. “Most collected artists” records have the highest values. Most “Fans” LPs made after 1970 sell for $10 or more and some made before 1970 sell for $100+.

Did Elvis sell 1 billion records?

Over the course of Elvis’ life, he achieved some of the highest accolades in music and film. It is estimated that more than one billion Elvis records have been sold worldwide, more than anyone in record industry history.

Are 78 LPs worth anything?

The accompanying album covers of 78 vinyl records are often worth as much or more than the actual record discs. 78 records and their covers that were released between the 1950s and 1980s are particularly collectible with often elaborate and iconic art images and artist likenesses.

What to do with old records?

There are numerous ways of disposing of old vinyl records.

  1. Sell old vinyl records on eBay.
  2. Sell records at a garage sale or flea market.
  3. Place a classified ad in your local paper or in your local area of Craigslist.
  4. Call your local library and see if they accept donations of vinyl records.

What old records are worth money?

10 Records You Might Have Owned That Are Now Worth a Fortune

  • HANK MOBLEY // BLUE NOTE 1568 (1957)

What records does Elvis Presley hold?

The only audited measure of record sales in the USA is certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Elvis Presley holds the record for the most platinum certificates issued by the RIAA, with 70.

How much is Elvis records worth?

The Sun Records Era Elvis only produced five 45 RPM records for his first label, Sun Records, and they are the most sought-after of all his albums. Some individual 45s have fetched over a thousand dollars at auction, with most mint Sun records worth at least $500.

What was Elvis Presley last album?

Moody Blue is the title of Elvis Presley’s last album to be released in his lifetime. The album was a mixture of live and studio work, and included tracks from Presley’s final studio recording sessions in 1976, including “Moody Blue”, a previously released hit, and “Way Down,” which would become a hit…

What are some Elvis songs?

Memories Are Made of This

  • Sixteen Tons
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas
  • Only You
  • Singing the Blues
  • Marianne
  • Banana Boat Song
  • Cindy Oh Cindy
  • True Love