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How much do Abbotsford police make?

How much do Abbotsford police make?

Class Salary
(Attained after one year) Hourly $40.50
Second Class Constable Annual $94,764
(Attained after two years) Hourly $45.56
First Class Constable Annual $105,294

How do I become a police officer in Abbotsford?

Education: Minimum Grade 12 graduation by British Columbia standards or equivalent. Personal Character: Must be of mature, responsible and good character, and have no criminal record. Must pass background checks that assess integrity and personal suitability to the same standard as police officers.

How many police officers in Abbotsford bc?

Abbotsford is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Our 239+ sworn police officers, 80+ civilian staff, and 80+ volunteers are dedicated to providing the highest quality of police service to the citizens of Abbotsford.

How much do Delta police make?


Rank to December 2021
10-Year First Class Constable $113,232
15-Year First Class Constable $118,624
20-Year First Class Constable $124,624
Sergeant $129,408

What is the Popat?

Police Officers Physical Abilities Test (POPAT)

What skills are needed to be a police officer?

Common skills for police officers

  • Active listening.
  • Persuasiveness.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Community awareness.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Interpersonal communication.
  • Morality.

How do I get a criminal record check Abbotsford?

You must be an ABBOTSFORD RESIDENT to apply for a Police Information Check (PIC) with the Abbotsford Police Department….Provide two pieces of valid, government issued ID – one must have a photo.

  1. Accepted as photo ID are: Passport.
  2. Secondary ID that may be used includes: Birth Certificate.
  3. The names on the ID must match.

Does Abbotsford have RCMP?

Led by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC), in partnership and collaboration with the RCMP and all municipal police agencies, there is an intelligence-led enforcement effort underway.

How do I become a police officer in Surrey?

Basic Qualifications

  1. minimum 19 years of age.
  2. excellent character.
  3. physically fit and in excellent health.
  4. Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  5. no criminal convictions, no adult criminal charges pending.
  6. a valid BC Class 5 driver’s licence with no restrictions and a good driving record.
  7. meet the visual acuity standards.

What’s the difference between RCMP and police?

As Canada’s national police service, the RCMP are primarily responsible for enforcing federal laws throughout Canada, whereas general law and order including the enforcement of the Criminal Code and applicable provincial legislation is constitutionally the responsibility of the provinces and territories.

What is the police department in Abbotsford BC?

Abbotsford Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of police service to the citizens of Abbotsford. In partnership with our community, we are committed to ensuring safety and security by enforcing the law, preventing crime, and responding to community needs.

What are the employment opportunities in Abbotsford BC?

Opportunities for employment exist in Records Section, Finance, Public Service Counter, Information Technology, and Administrative support. We also have numerous volunteering opportunities with our Victim Services Unit as well as the Community Police Office.

Where do I drop off my application for Abbotsford BC?

Applicants can either mail or courier their Application Package and Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire to the Recruiting Section, or drop it off in person at 2838 Justice Way in Abbotsford, BC. Be sure to follow ALL of the instructions provided on the forms. You will be required to include the following documents with the Application Package:

What was stolen from reach Museum in Abbotsford?

Constable Cuffs from the Abbotsford Police Department is on the trail of the “Trethewey Topaz” which was recently stolen. The jewel went missing on its way from the owner’s house to the Reach Gallery Museum, where it was going to be the centrepiece of an exhibition about historical gems.