How much do Pump It Up cost?

How much do Pump It Up cost?

How much does a Pump It Up birthday party cost?

Type of Party Day of the Week Average Price Quoted
Ultimate Saturday & Sunday – $395 for 10 kids – $469 for 15 kids – $494 for 20 kids – $519 for 25 kids – $10 per additional child

Are socks required at Pump It Up?

Yes, socks are required to play on the inflatables. We also ask all guests playing to remove jewelry.

How many Pump It ups are there?

With over 150 locations in the Pump It Up & BounceU family, you’ll have the confidence, systems & support to start throwing the best parties on the planet in your own location! We are growing!

What happened to pump it up?

“Pump It Up Mt. Juliet is now closed,” the last post on the business’ FaceBook page said. “After 13 years of throwing the best birthday parties on the planet at Pump It Up Mount Juliet, TN, we have closed our doors.”

How much does a pump it up birthday party cost?

The costs will greatly depend on the packages and day that you chose. For 25 kids, the price of a Pump It Up birthday party can range anywhere from $240 to $525. NOTE: The prices will vary depending on your local location.

Are there any coupons for Pump It Up products?

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Is the bounce house private at Pump it up?

Our birthday parties are completely private, meaning it’s only you and your invited guests in our bounce house arenas and party room! Completely Customized! Tailor the perfect package of food, beverages, party favors and more, so you get exactly the birthday party you want.

What are the different packages of pump it up?

Pump It Up offers three packages: the classic, ultimate and deluxe. The classic package will include 1 hour and 45 minutes of play time, customized invitations, a 100% private room that is decorated, and an assigned staff member. The ultimate package will include everything in the classic in addition to pizza and drinks for the entire party.