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How much does a CAT 349 excavator weight?

How much does a CAT 349 excavator weight?

117500 lbs
Operating Specifications

Cooling System Fluid Capacity 13.2 gal (50 l)
Engine Oil Capacity 11.4 gal (43 l)
Fuel Capacity 190 gal (719 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 150.6 gal (570 l)
Operating Weight 117500 lbs (53,298 kg)

How much does a 349 CAT excavator cost?

2020 Caterpillar 349F

Price: $482,000
Rating: Good
Serial Num: HPD21056
Phone: +1 865 546 1414
Contact: Daniel Dougherty

What is the operating weight of a cat 349E excavator?

105,400 to 117,500 lbs.
396-hp excavator ranges in operating weight from 105,400 to 117,500 lbs. The 349E features a 396-net-hp Cat C13 ACERT engine that uses the Cat Clean Emissions Module (CEM) to meet EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions standards. Ranges in operating weight from 105,400 to 117,500 lbs.

What is the biggest cat excavator?

Caterpillar 6090 FS
What is the biggest excavator made? Caterpillar 6090 FS is currently the biggest excavator in the world, weighing 1,000 tonnes. The 6090 FS is equipped with two Cummins QSK60 engines, rated at 3360 kW/4500 HP in total.

What is a cat 349?

The Cat 349 offers the industry’s highest level of performance with standard technology like Cat GRADE with 2D, GRADE with Assist, PAYLOAD, Lift Assist, and E-Fence.

How much does a large cat excavator cost?

Large CAT Excavator Costs On average, excavators in this category have a price between $400,000 to $850,000. Their engine power rating varies across the category range from 380 to 523hp. At the same time, they weigh from 100,000 to 200,000lbs.

How wide is a 336 CAT excavator?


Boom Reach 6.5 m (21’4″) Reach 6.5 m (21’4″)
Track Length 16.6 ft 5030 mm
Track Length to Center of Rollers 13.3 ft 4040 mm
Track Gauge 8.5 ft 2590 mm
Transport Width 11.3 ft 3440 mm

What is the heaviest digger in the world?

Bagger 288
Bagger 288 (Excavator 288), built by the German company Krupp for the energy and mining firm Rheinbraun, is a bucket-wheel excavator or mobile strip mining machine. When its construction was completed in 1978, Bagger 288 superseded Big Muskie as the heaviest land vehicle in the world, at 13,500 tons.

What does a D11 cat cost?

CAT D11 Price: Older used models go for as little as $85,000 with no add-ons but can cost $1 million or more for more recent used models, depending on features. New model pricing starts at around $2.2 million.

How wide is a Cat 349?

11.9 ft 3640 mm

Boom Reach 6.9m (22’8″) Reach 6.9m (22’8″)
Track Length 17.6 ft 5370 mm
Track Length to Center of Rollers 14.3 ft 4360 mm
Track Gauge 9 ft 2740 mm
Transport Width 11.9 ft 3640 mm

What kind of horsepower does a 349f L have?

Hydraulic Horsepower, a Cat Advantage When it comes to moving heavy material quickly and eficiently, you need hydraulic horsepower – the type of ground-breaking power the 349F L can deliver. Major hydraulic components like pumps and valves are located close together so shorter tubes and lines can be used.

What does specalog for 349e L hydraulic excavator mean?

Title Specalog for 349E L Hydraulic Excavator Author Caterpillar Inc. Subject 349E L Hydraulic Excavator Keywords 349E L; Hydraulic; Excavator; AEHQ6190-0 Created Date 5/21/2013 9:17:07 AM

How big is a 349 hydraulic excavator tank?

Please consult your Cat 349 Hydraulic Excavator Specifications Fuel Tank Capacity 715 L 188.9 gal Cooling System 52 L 13.7 gal Engine Oil (with filter) 40 L 10.6 gal Swing Drive 10.5 L 2.8 gal Final Drive (each) 15 L 4.0 gal Hydraulic System (including tank) 550 L 145.3 gal

What’s the maximum weight of a 349f L excavator?

Maximum Weight 51 000 kg 112,400 lb 2 The 349F L is built to keep your production numbers up and your owning and operating costs down. Not only does the machine’s C13 ACERT engine