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How much does a Mavic aksium wheelset cost?

How much does a Mavic aksium wheelset cost?

The Mavic Aksium is the French brand’s entry-level wheelset for standard QR frames. At £209 (often much cheaper online, but be quick as prices are rising thanks to the pound falling in value) and 1,840g for the pair, they represent good value for money if you need decent wheels on a budget.

Is the Mavic Ksyrium elite a tubeless wheel?

Mavic says, “The Ksyrium Elite road wheel has been a benchmark for reliability, light weight and versatility for more than a decade. This updated version makes it easier than ever to experience the benefits of riding tubeless.

What are the pros and cons of Mavic aksium?

Pros: Price, trickle-down technology, 17mm bed for wider tyres, serviceability For many years Mavic’s Aksium has been a staple of entry-level road cycling, generally the first stop on the low-cost factory-specced wheelset upgrade path. Way back in 2010 Mat reviewed a previous incarnation – priced at £199 with a weight of 1,964g.

What kind of steel is Mavic aksium made of?

Made from S6000 aluminum, 20 straight pull steel spokes, and aluminum hub bodies, the Aksium’s have a clearly metallic feel that lets you know they’re going to last. Which makes sense, considering Mavic themselves say the whole point of the Aksium is to ride as many kilometers as possible without being serviced.

Is the Mavic aksium 11 speed freewheel compatible with SRAM?

The factory-installed Shimano/SRAM-compatible 11-speed freehub body is steel, meaning no concerns about cassettes eating into the splines. A Campagnolo freewheel is available from Mavic for about £40.

Where can I find the Mavic aksium serial number?

Being Mavic, there is excellent DIY documentation on its website, searchable by the serial number laser-etched into the rim. One bonus of Mavic’s design is, if you do snap a rear spoke, they are replaceable without removing the cassette.