How much does a Saint Bernard puppy cost?

How much does a Saint Bernard puppy cost?

The average cost of a Saint Bernard puppy is between $1000 – $1500. Adopting a Saint can cost anywhere between fifty to a few hundred dollars. Let’s break down the factors that influence different prices, as well as how much it costs to bring up and care for a Saint Bernard throughout their lives.

Where can I find a Saint Bernard puppy?

Other Sources for Saint Bernard Puppies Local Pet Rescues or Shelters: Shelters or rescues around your area may have Saint Bernard dogs for adoption. Getting one from them is a quick way of adoption, and you get to see and vet the dog you choose. Local Classifieds: Breeders list their dogs on classifieds all the time.

Are St Bernards good dogs?

Known to be loving, gentle and tolerant in spite of its size, Saint Bernards are a good with families with well-behaved children. The food requirement for a Saint Bernard may be lower than for other breeds of similar size because his temperament is more placid and it needs less exercise.

Are Saint Bernards rescue dogs?

The Saint Bernard Club of NSW Inc is a proactive participant in the Dogs NSW Rescue programme ensuring the welfare of Saints by assisting with the re-homing of Saint Bernards from around the country’s pounds and shelters and with those surrendered by owners and strays found wandering.

Do St Bernards shed a lot?

Yes, Saint Bernards do shed, and they especially become heavy shedders during the spring and autumn seasons. While long-haired Bernards may tend to shed more than their short-haired counterparts, you can still expect both coat types to drop hair about your house all year round.

Are St Bernards smart?

Saint Bernards are gentle giants. They’re calm and patient, with an eagerness to please. This easy-going temperament makes the dog a great choice for a family pet. They’re very intelligent, so training is easy, but it’s important to start at a young age while they’re still small and easy to control.

Are St. Bernards good dogs?

Keep in mind that an unruly dog of this size presents a problem for even a strong adult if it is to be exercised in public areas on a leash, so take control from the onset. The Saint Bernard makes a good watchdog; even its size is a good deterrent. This breed tends to drool after drinking or eating.

Are St. Bernards dangerous dogs?

Any dog can be dangerous if the dog is bred poorly or raised abusively. St. Bernards are generally gentle Giants, good companion dogs, tolerant, good pets. Of course, they drool and shed, but still loving pets.

On average, based on these factors, a Saint Bernard puppy can cost anywhere from $850 to as much as $1,500. AKC registered saint bernard puppies can be as much as $2,500.

How many puppies does St Bernard have?

Saint Bernards can have large litters of around 10 puppies, but a litter of only one or two isn’t uncommon.