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How much does an essence of Australia wedding dress cost?

How much does an essence of Australia wedding dress cost?

PRICE RANGE: $1,700-$2,800 At the heart of each signature Essense gown is luxurious fabric and exquisite beading. The wedding gown line offers a diverse compilation of elegantly crafted designer wedding dresses ranging from glamorous, draped Angel Satin to alluring laces and Satin Chiffon.

Who is the designer of Essense of Australia?

Martine Harris
Bridal Designer The Essense of Australia label is inspired by the natural beauty and romantic spirit found among the grandeur of Western Australia, home of Chief Creative Officer Martine Harris.

How do I contact essense Australia?

The data controller in respect of our website is Essense of Australia, Inc of 15500 W. 113th Street, Suite 300, Lenexa, KS. 66219. You can contact the data controller by writing a letter or sending an email to [email protected]

Where is Australian essence made?

Q. Harris and four designers based in the U.S. and Australia draw up the designs, which are manufactured in China.

Is Stella York Essense of Australia?

Bridal Designer Founded in 2013, Stella York is part of the Essense of Australia family of brands—and has since outfitted thousands of brides across the globe with its affordable, award-winning designer styles.

Is Martina Liana Australian?

For the bride who radiates confidence, global glamour and impeccable style, there’s Martina Liana – the embodiment of the modern bride. We are thrilled to be welcoming this iconic Australian label to our collection.

What is a mantilla veil?

A mantilla wedding veil is a timeless, sophisticated finishing touch to a bride’s perfect wedding day look. Traditionally, mantilla veils are worn on top of the head about two inches behind the hairline, which allows the lace edge to drape perfectly alongside the bride’s face and down to her shoulders.

How long is a cathedral wedding veil?

Cathedral Wedding Veil: 108-120″ “A cathedral-length veil extends beyond the train of the bride’s gown and is the most dramatic down-the-aisle length,” says Caravella.

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What do you think about essense of Australia?

ABOUT ESSENSE OF AUSTRALIA. Timeless, effortless and utterly romantic—the beauty found among the natural grandeur of Western Australia is the same that shines from within every Essense bride. With each new collection there brings designs to both complement her natural radiance and reflect her personal style—making her feel