How much does glasses cost at Eyeglass World?

How much does glasses cost at Eyeglass World?

Don’t worry. Quality glasses won’t cost you a fortune. Eyeglass World offers deals as low as 2 pairs for just $78. This includes the very best in prescription lens technology from our in-store labs.

How much are progressive glasses at eyeglass world?

​​​​You’ll always find a great value on glasses at Eyeglass World! You can get 2 pairs of lined bifocals starting at $158, or 2 pairs of progressives for as low as $198. We carry a wide selection of eyeglass frame styles for men and women.

Does eyeglass world give military discount?

How Much is Eyeglass World Military Discount? Eyeglass World offers a 10% military discount for online and in-store shopping.

How long is Eyeglass World?

Because all Eyeglass World locations, have an in-store lab, we can have orders to you the same day for most prescriptions. For higher prescriptions or more specialized orders, we use a centralized lab. Eyeglasses sent to the lab are typically ready for pick-up in 7-10 business days.

Does eyeglass world have same day glasses?

Eyeglass World has in-store labs at every location, so you can get your glasses the same day for most prescriptions!

Does visionworks have any specials?

40% OFF a Complete Pair of Glasses 40% discount taken off full List Price. List Prices are the non-discounted prices at which we offer the frames/lenses in stores or online; however, we may not have sold the frames and lenses at those prices. Cannot be combined with insurance benefits or other offers.

Do veterans get free eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses and vision care can be very expensive. Thankfully veterans who meet specific VA criteria have access to vision and hearing exams in addition to free eyeglasses and hearing aids. This benefit can save hundreds.

How can I get free military glasses?

Active Duty Service Members and Activated. Guard/Reserve Members. You can get glasses from the optometry clinic at your military hospital or clinic. If you don’t live near a military hospital or clinic, you can order your glasses from the Navy Ophthalmic Support Training Activity Command.

Can I bring my prescription to Eyeglass World?

We do accept walk-ins for eye exams and contact lens exams. However, it’s always best to schedule an appointment to ensure timely service. Customers can use an existing prescription at Eyeglass World to purchase eyeglasses or contact lenses.

How fast can I get prescription glasses?

How long do glasses take to make? It usually takes between 7 and 14 business days to get new glasses, but they often arrive earlier than the stated time frame. There’s a good chance that expedited options are available if you need your glasses in a hurry.