How much does it cost to replace a Prius combination meter?

How much does it cost to replace a Prius combination meter?

The out of warranty cost to have your combination meter replaced by the dealer is normally $800 – $1000 for parts and labor.

How do I remove a speedometer cluster?

Lower the front slightly and pull towards the steering wheel. Once removed it will expose a single screw to the left of the steering column. Remove screw to the left of steering column. The entire dashboard may now be removed by pulling from around cluster, radio and steering column.

Why can’t I see my speedometer in my Prius?

While there are a variety of reasons your Toyota Prius speedometer is not working, the most common 3 are the vehicle speed sensor (VSS), a faulty speedometer, or an electrical issue.

How do you remove the center console from a Prius?

How to Remove the Center Console on a Prius

  1. Park the vehicle in a location away from traffic.
  2. Open the center console lid, and remove the rug on the floor of the console.
  3. Pull the cup holder trim from the front of the console by just pulling it off the clips.
  4. Tilt the entire console back.

How do you reset the combination on a Prius?

When you go to start your car and see that the dash isn’t lighting up, turn the car back off. With your foot off the brake, press the ignition button once. This will turn on your radio. Wait a few seconds for it to power up the radio.

What is a combination meter?

A vehicle is equipped with a combination meter system including a plurality of gauges or meters, comprising a plurality of sensors for detecting various characteristics for the operation of a vehicle and a plurality of analog switches operatively connected to the sensors, respectively.

Is it hard to replace an instrument cluster?

Changing the instrument cluster is a relatively easy process and can be attempted by anyone who is familiar with a basic set of tools. There are a few things that can go wrong but the steps are still considered simple by most mechanics. Put aside roughly an hour to an hour and a half for this job.

Does changing instrument cluster change mileage?

So does changing an instrument cluster mean changing your mileage? The short answer is no. Replacing the instrument or gauge cluster won’t reset the mileage.

Why do my dashboard lights go out when I turn on my headlights?

When dashboard lights go dim when the headlights are turned on, it’s usually because modern vehicles automatically adjust the dashboard brightness because of the current time of the day. Try adjusting your vehicle’s dimmer switch to restore the light levels to your desired brightness.

Why is the dash board on on my Prius?

After a dinner out a few weeks ago I started the car and no panel. Restarting did no good. I drove home and the car would not shut off. I held the start button down until the engine shut off but the touch screen display was still on.

How do I Turn Off the diagnostic screen on my Prius?

When the diagnostic screen appears on the console, press the start button without stepping on the brake. Display comes on and you can now turn the car off and start normally with display. I hope that information helps. I have a 2005 Prius with ~60,000 miles. A couple of times over the years my wife has complained about not having instruments.

Is there a warranty on a 2006 Prius?

I purchased a 2006 Prius, that has the dreaded dark dash, and the warranty was never completed to replace it. In searching this forum, and all over the net, I cannot find any specific details about what the problem is exactly, in order to fix it myself.

What was the problem with my 2007 Prius?

I had a similar problem with my 2007 Prius. The dealer installed a new combination meter. That was about six months ago and it just started misbehaving again. The mileage display stopped working. I didn’t check the backup camera.