How much does it cost to stay at Musha Cay?

How much does it cost to stay at Musha Cay?

RATES & CAPACITY Musha Cay features five luxurious homes to accommodate up to 24 guests for a minimum of five days, including all meals, activities, amenities, accommodations and select adventures. Our rates begin from $57,000 per night, with pricing for additional details available upon request.

How do I get to Musha Cay?

Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay are just 90 minutes by air from Miami / Ft Lauderdale, Florida (USA). Non-stop commercial flights, as well as the private jets or charters used by many of our guests, land at Georgetown Airport on the island of Great Exuma.

Where is Musha Cay located?

southern Bahamas
Musha Cay is a 700-acre (280 ha), privately owned island in the Exuma Chain, in the southern Bahamas. It is located 85 miles (137 km) southeast of Nassau. It is owned by illusionist David Copperfield. Musha Cay is surrounded by three smaller islands that maintain its guests’ privacy.

Who owns Darby Island?

It’s been on and off the real estate market for a few years now, boasting 554 acres of paradise, 14 beaches, a disused air strip and a fair amount of strange history attached. Before and during WWII, Darby Island was owned by a rumoured Nazi sympathiser and British hotelier, Sir Guy Baxter.

How much did David Copperfield pay for Musha Cay?

In 2006, world-famous illusionist David Copperfield reportedly spent $50 million on a private island called Musha Cay in the southern Bahamas.

How much is it to rent a Calivigny island?

Boasting five luxury residences and villas with space for a total of 40 discerning travelers, Calivigny is the ultimate combination of opulent accommodation and unparalleled service. Exclusive island charters for up to 40 guests are available from USD 132,000- per night (excluding tax).

Can you visit Musha Cay?

Musha Cay is known as the main island with the accommodations and facilities. We are located in a quiet area of the Exuma Chain. The closest tourist area is about a 45-minute boat ride.

Where is Goat Cay island in the Bahamas?

the Exumas
The country music power couple bought the island known as Goat Cay in 2003. It’s located in the Exumas, a district of the Bahamas comprised of a chain of over 365 islands, about 280 miles east of Miami. An aerial view of the main residence on L’ile d’Anges.

Where is Darby island in the Caribbean?

the Bahamas
Big Darby Island is located about 95 miles from Nassau, 14 miles from Great Exuma and 250 miles from Miami. It lies almost in the centre of the chain of some 360 islands known as the Exuma Cays -the yachting, sailing and fishing paradise of the Bahamas.

How do you get to Calivigny Island?

Calivigny Island is approximately a 5 minute boat from Grenada, West Indies. The nearest airport is Maurice Bishop International Airport in St George’s, Grenada. use Liat Airlines to access Grenada. Private return airport transfers are included.