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How much does it cost to STI swap an Impreza?

How much does it cost to STI swap an Impreza?

they charge $15k for the entire usdm STi swap. you get motor, tranny, DCCD, brakes, wheels, interior, everything. you can look on their websites to see what they have done.

How reliable are GC8?

Subies are reliable. GC’s are fairly rare though relatively speaking and many of them are beat. I’ve seen a few around here that are adult owned and look great, but none for sale.

Is a GC8 an STI?

​GC8. This is the ‘Classic’ Impreza WRX / STI variation. It’s available in a sports wagon which carries the GF8 chassis denotation, as well as a rare coupe variety.

How much does it cost to swap an STi Engine?

UrdnotWrexSTi said: The cheapest OEM STi shortblock I found was $1800 shipped (dealer pricing) and around $1000 to $1400 just for labor to pull and the motor out, install heads, and re-install the motor. So it would be around $3200, so that isnt so bad just have to keep a buffer of $4000.

What is a RSTI?

The RSTI is an interview and rating scale designed to help you plan treatment for juvenile offenders.

Are Subaru 2.5 RS reliable?

The automatic transmission is equally durable. Bottom line, if you plan on keeping everything stock, you will have a fun to drive car that is very dependable. Even a head gasket leaking issue will not put a damper on your day, and will be worst you will probably ever see, if you even do. 2.5RS seems to be very durable.

How many 22B STI are left?

While the Subaru Impreza 22B STi would’ve undoubtedly sold well across the globe, just 400 examples left the production line. Subaru sold all of these cars exclusively to the Japanese market. For the most part, a large portion of the original production line remains in various collections worldwide.

How do I know if my WRX is an STI?

There are some other tips and clues that help you determine if it is a WRX or an STI, even if the STI does have the wing. The STI will have STI badges on the grill and in the back. It will also have bigger wheels and bigger breaks. The STI also has a distinctive rear diffuser, wich the WRX hasn’t.

Can you put an STI transmission in a WRX?

The result is a kit to retrofit standard STI TY856 boxes to 5-speed models, using a fully remanufactured STI 6-speed, DCCD or non-DCCD, that will bolt straight into your WRX, Liberty GT or Forester GT/XT. All these transmission numbers start with TY856.

What engine is in an STI?

The WRX STI’s turbocharged 2.5-liter flat-four is eager to rev and pumps out a characteristic flat-four burble from the car’s quad exhaust pipes. But this old engine is not as smooth or as hard-hitting as the smaller turbo fours powering the Subie’s closest peers.

Is the Subaru 2.5 RS Turbo?

No turbos, no flared fenders, no 300-horsepower engines right from the dealer. Such were the years before 2002. Motivation came from the Impreza’s optional 2.5-liter boxer engine, while, like the rest of the Subaru lineup, standard equipment included all-wheel drive. So what made the 2.5 RS special?

What does Subaru RS stand for?

yup, Rally Sport is correct!