How much does the Devastator cost?

How much does the Devastator cost?

Transformers G1 Devastator Price Guide

Type Average Price Qty Sold
Opened, Complete USD 240.00 24
No Package, Complete USD 134.74 374

What transformers do you need to make Devastator?

Devastator (ROTF)

  1. Scavenger (torso)
  2. Hightower (left arm)
  3. Long Haul (right leg)
  4. Mixmaster (head)
  5. Skipjack (left leg, or left foot if the yellow dump truck is included)
  6. Scrapper (right arm)

Is transformer a Devastator?

From Transformers Wiki Devastator is a Decepticon combiner from the Generation 1 continuity family. He devastates things. Devastates them right in the mouth. Devastator is an immensely powerful warrior, and in that sense the combination of the Constructicons into a merged being is a huge success.

How tall is Devastator figure?

18 inches tall
The completed Devastator Combiner figure stands 18 inches tall. It’s the largest Combiner figure in the Combiner Wars series!

What is Devastator ammo?

A proprietary exploding bullet composed of a lacquer-sealed aluminium tip with a lead azide centre, which is designed to explode on impact.

Who is the head of Devastator?

His 8 components then transformed and combined, making Devastator, (Mixmaster becomes the head and neck Scavenger becomes the torso Scrapper becomes the arm Hightower and Scrapmetal both become the arm Overload becomes The waist Long Haul and Skipjack both become the legs) who came together with a Storemenacing roar.

Is Devastator bad outriders?

The Devastator is ostensibly the Outriders tank, although it can be specced to do damage. The problem is, the Devastator’s damage output cannot compete with that of the other classes (Technomancer, Pyromancer, and Trickster).

How tall is Optimus Prime feet?

Despite no longer being a member, he maintains his military ranking of “Prime”. The scale chart released for the series indicates Optimus Prime stands about 22 feet tall.

Is Batman the Devastator evil?

A version of Bruce Wayne known as The Devastator and the The Destroyer is an antagonist in the DC Comics universe. He is a member of the Dark Knights, a group of vigilantes from the Dark Multiverse whose goal is to assist the deity Barbatos to plunge the central DC Multiverse into darkness.

How big is the transformer Devastator action figure?

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How long does it take for transformer Devastator to ship?

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