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How much is a 42 ft Fountain boat?

How much is a 42 ft Fountain boat?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $1,054,750 (base); $1,108,006 (as tested)
LOA: 42’0″
Beam: 8’3″
Draft: 1’6.5″
Displacement: 13,500 lb. (without engines)

How much do Fountain boats cost?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $616,200 (base)
Draft (max): 3’0″
Displacement: 14,800 lb. (without engines)
Bridge Clearance: 8’2″
Fuel Capacity: 418 gal.

How much does a lightning sailboat cost?

A new Lightning will cost about $22,000. A used Lightning in good condition will usually cost between $5,000 and $12,000.

What is Reggie Fountain doing now?

In his early 20s Reggie Fountain was a champion race driver for the Mercury team. Later, he started Fountain Powerboats which became the premier go-fast brand. Now, he is retired and is a consultant to the company that bears his name.

Is Fountain boats still in business?

In May, after several months of legal battles with creditors and two Chapter 11 filings in three years, a temporary receivership of Fountain Powerboats and its affiliates was dissolved by a North Carolina judge.

Is a laser faster than a Sunfish?

Lasers are unquestionably faster than Sunfish except in drifters or if it blowing about 25 (when it is blowing 25 good Laser sailors are still going faster than a Sunfish can go, but most Laser sailors are not physical enough and a Sunfish will go faster than they can sail their Laser.)

Do yachts get struck by lightning?

Being hit by lightning on a yacht is, just as it is on land, a fairly unusual and improbable event. That said, it can happen and so all risks should be mitigated. The most important consideration is one of proper ‘earthing’. If you have a metal mast it’s likely that this will be hit first.

Does Reggie Fountain still build boats?

Fountain Powerboats remained among the most popular performance and fishing boats until the economic crash of 2009. Recently the company was resurrected as part of Iconic Marine Group, which builds Fountain, Donzi and Baja boats.

Who owns Fountain boats now?

Custom Marine Group (CMG), a new partnership formed by the Ross and Wortley families, has purchased Baja Marine LLC, taking over ownership of Baja Marine, Fountain Powerboats, Donzi Marine and Pro-Line Boats.

Which is better Sunfish or Laser?

If you learn how to work them out, lasers are some of the best you can use. The Sunfish is no slouch, either. Sunfish are faster to rig because it only uses around a couple of strings to pull and go. They’re ultra-simple, so you can use them even if you have very little to no experience sailing.

Is a Laser faster than a 420?

The Laser (91.1) is faster than the 420 (97.7) and slower than the 470 (86.3).

What happens if lightning strikes yacht?

But a direct hit usually causes more obvious and substantial damage. When a boat gets struck, lightning is trying to find its way to ground, typically the water around and under the boat. Though mast-mounted components are the most likely to be destroyed, anything on the boat that is electronic can be damaged.

What kind of boat is the fountain 42?

A powerboat built by Fountain, the 42 lightning is a high performance vessel. Fountain 42 lightning boats are typically used for day-cruising, watersports and overnight-cruising. These boats were built with a fiberglass modified-vee; usually with an inboard and available in Gas.

How big is a 1990 fountain 42 Lightning?

1990 Fountain 42 Lightning Up for sale is my 1990 Fountain 42′ Lightning ……Dollar for dollar the best “big boat” for the money. This boat cuts thru 3 foot chop at 50MPH with a drink on the dash (with no cup holder) and won’t spill one drop. Open up the twin 454 engines with B&M 420 blowers and reach 70MPH with ease.

Is there a fountain lightning boat for sale?

Fountain Lightning powerboats for sale by owner. Your search returned 154 matches. 2001 35ft Fountain Lighting kept in excellent condition. Only used in fresh water and dry stored only. This boat does not have a trailer. Options are as followed: Twin Mercruisers 500 EFIs with a total of 360 hours.

Where can I buy a 1997 Fountain boat?

If you are in the market for a high performance boat, look no further than this 1997 Fountain 42, priced right at $178,000 (offers encouraged). This vessel is located in Brentwood, California.