How much is a BMW E30 325iS worth?

How much is a BMW E30 325iS worth?

Prices have been steadily rising on all E30’s in recent years. Expect to pay around $3,000-$4,000 on a decent condition 318i or 325e, and $5,000-$6,000 for a 325i. Double these prices if you want a car in really good condition.

How many E30 325iS were made?

210 units
It was known as the “big six” because of its 6-cylinder, 3.2-litre M30 engine added to the two-door E30 model. Its engine, along with the sporty suspension and low-profile tyres, made it South Africa’s most nimble streetwise performer. Only 210 units were built, with power figures of 145kW and 285Nm of torque.

How many 325iS were made in South Africa?

Built exclusively for the South African market, word is that BMW South Africa only ever produced 508 units of the 325iS, and this included EVO1 and EVO2 specs.

How much should I pay for an E30?

The average cost of a BMW E30 is $9,791 , but that includes all the models like the M3 and grey-marketing Touring versions as well as the lower end 318i.

What does S mean in BMW?

S mode (pulling lever to the left) = holds gears much longer…the more throttle input given, the longer it would shift (until redline). M mode = you can shift at any time but it will automatically shift once redline is hit.

Are E30 reliable?

For $5k you should be able to get a nice, well cared for E30. Reliability on them, like almost all BMWs of the era, is very good….for a 24 year old or older car.

What does BMW 325iS stand for?

The is in bmw 325is stands for fuel injected sport.

What year was the last BMW 325iS produced in South Africa?

February 2018 marked a significant milestone for BMW Group South Africa when its Rosslyn plant produced the BMW 3 Series for the last time after 35 years of production.

Are E30s worth it?

E30s are great cars, great platforms, and great fun to drive, and this looks like a good one to buy. If you get it, make sure you check the fluids moderately often (I check mine once a week or so, and I’ve got a minor oil leak).