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How much is a Hupmobile worth?

How much is a Hupmobile worth?

Model years for Hupmobile

Vehicle Price
1934 Hupmobile Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale (2020) $27,500 SOLD
1923 Hupmobile Roadster Coupe Bonhams The Scottsdale Auction (2020) $6,720 SOLD
1938 Hupmobile Sedan Mecum Kissimmee (2020) $9,000 HIGH BID
1938 Hupmobile Sedan Mecum Kissimmee (2020) $10,000 HIGH BID

When did hupmobile go out of business?


Type Automobile Manufacturing
Industry Automotive
Founded 1909
Defunct 1940
Headquarters Detroit, Michigan , United States

What kind of car is a Hupmobile?

The History of the Hupmobile They introduced the Hupmobile Model 20, a two-passenger runabout with a four-cylinder engine and a two-speed transmission, at the 1908 Detroit Auto Show. It was very well received and their first-year sales topped 1,600.

Which company was started by a car salesman for Hupp Motors?

Hupmobiles were built from 1909 through 1939 by the Hupp Motor Car Company. The prototype was developed in 1908 and had its first successful run on November 8 with investors aboard for champagne at the Tuller Hotel a few blocks away.

When did Pierce Arrow go out of business?

Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company

Industry Automotive
Founded 1865 1901 (as auto manufacturer) 1928 a division of Studebaker
Founder George N. Pierce
Defunct 1938
Headquarters Buffalo, New York , United States

Who made the Essex car?

the Hudson Motor Company
Essex cars were built between 1919 and 1932 by the Hudson Motor Company as a smaller, less expensive and extremely durable automobile. The introduction of the two-door coach model powered by a Super Six engine captured a significant market share by making closed cars affordable.

What car companies were in the 1920s?

Henry Ford innovated mass-production techniques that became standard, and Ford, General Motors and Chrysler emerged as the “Big Three” auto companies by the 1920s.

Is Pierce owned by Ford?

The company was founded in 1913 by Humphrey Pierce and his son Dudley as the Pierce Auto Body Works Inc., and concentrated on building custom truck bodies for the Ford Model T….Pierce Manufacturing.

Type Subsidiary
Number of employees 2100
Parent Oshkosh

Who bought Pierce-Arrow?

Pierce-Arrow sales did not do well and in 1933 Studebaker sold Pierce-Arrow to a group of Buffalo, New York businessmen for $1 million. Studebaker had spent $5.7 million to acquire Pierce-Arrow. The Silver Arrow, a radically streamlined automobile was unveiled at the 1933 New York Auto Show.

Is Essex a car?

The Essex was a brand of automobile produced by the Essex Motor Company between 1918 and 1922, and by Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan between 1922 and 1933.

What was the first enclosed car?

Following its outstanding beginnings, Cadillac only continued to introduce new innovations to the automobile industry. In 1910, they became the first company to offer a passenger car with a fully enclosed cabin, which was a huge change from the vehicles of the time.

Why were cars so cheap in the 20s?

Rising earnings generated more disposable income for the purchase of consumer goods. Henry Ford’s advances in assembly-line efficiency created a truly affordable automobile, making car ownership a possibility for many Americans.

What kind of car was Hupmobile in the 1930’s?

Model M 1928-1929 8 cylinder Model O 1935-1936 8 cylinder Model S 1930-1932 6 cylinder Model N 1936-1937 8 cylinder Model C 1930-1932 8 cylinder Model G 1936-1937 6 cylinder Model H 1930-1932 8 cylinder Model E 1938-1939 6 cylinder Model L 1931-1932 8 cylinder

What kind of engine does a Hupmobile have?

Below is a list of the various models, years and engine information to help in determining the type of Hupmobile you are looking at. (Click a model for images.) Model Years Engine Model Years Engine Model 20 1909-1913 4 cylinder Model B 1932-1933 6 cylinder Model 32 1912-1915

Where was the first Hupmobile made in the US?

The company immediately outgrew this space and began construction of a factory a few blocks away at E. Jefferson Avenue and Concord, next to the former Oldsmobile plant. The company produced 500 vehicles by the end of the 1909 model year (the fall of 1909). Production increased to more than 5,000 in the 1910 model year.

What kind of car was the Hupp Model 20?

The History of the Hupmobile. Robert Hupp, a former employee of Oldsmobile and Ford, and his brother Louis Hupp founded the Hupp Motor Car Co. in Detroit, Michigan. They introduced the Hupmobile Model 20, a two-passenger runabout with a four-cylinder engine and a two-speed transmission, at the 1908 Detroit Auto Show.