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How much is a new Lund boat?

How much is a new Lund boat?

A Lund boat can cost you from $14,147 (Lund 1650 Angler), $18,983 (Lund 1870 Predator), and $22,147 (Lund 1775 Adventure Sport) to $38,800 (1875 Crossover XS), $47,301 (2025 Impact XS), and $77,036 (Lund 2275 Baron). Keep exploring and check out our guide on the best bowrider boats money can buy in 2021.

Is Lund still building boats?

Today, Lund retains its reputation as the industry’s leading aluminum fishing boat company. Built by fishermen for fishermen, we continue to innovate while honoring the boat-building traditions that have made the name legendary.

How much does a Lund 1975 Pro V weight?

1,731 lbs
The Pro-V combines the ultimate in Lund design with almost every feature imaginable, making our competitors amateur in comparison. That’s why we call it a Pro….Compare.

Base price contact your local dealer
Dry weight 785 kg (1,731 lbs)
Hull deadrise N/A
Cabin headroom N/A

How long is a Lund Tyee 1850?


Base price contact your local dealer
Dimensions / Weight
Length overall 5.7 m (18′7″)
Beam 2.4 m (8′)

Can Lund boats be used in saltwater?

Can Lund boats be used in saltwater? Yes, a thorough fresh water rinse is recommended after each use in saltwater.

Is Lund a good boat?

Lund makes good bass fishing boats, and you’ll find many of them on the water out in the Midwest. You’ll also find that their support network is strong, and you won’t have any trouble finding replacement parts when you need them.

How much does a 18 ft Lund boat weight?

1410 lb.
Boat Specifications Length: 18 ft. 11 in. Cockpit Depth: 22.75 in. Standard Boat Weight: 1410 lb.

Does Lund make fiberglass boats?

The Lund Tyee GL fiberglass boats utilize every square inch to maximize space for fishing tackle and gear. Whether it’s rain gear or tackle boxes, Lund has it covered.

What is Lund Tyee?

The Lund Tyee Limited is a premium aluminum family fishing boat that’s loaded with custom upgrades like an exclusive graphics package, custom black window frames, Pro-Ride seats, premium stereo and custom trailer.

Are boats more expensive now?

Boats are becoming more expensive and harder to find across the US, from small vessels to large yachts. Boat prices are up, and customers are left waiting months longer than anticipated for their purchases.