How much is a Walther P99 cost?

How much is a Walther P99 cost?

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PRICE $579.99
Action Pistol
Capacity 9+1
Barrel Length 3.5in
Finish Black

Is the Walther P99 discontinued?

The Walther P99 was discontinued along with the PPQ in 2021, following the release of the Walther PDP.

Is Walther P99 reliable?

The P99 is trusted by law enforcement professionals worldwide, so it’s no surprise to me that I’ve found this pistol to be completely reliable. Over the approximately 300 rounds I’ve shot with it, I’ve had zero malfunctions and zero failures to feed, no matter what environmental conditions it was exposed to.

What is a Walther P99 9mm?

Walther commissioned the P99 as a replacement for the Walther P5 and P88 pistols, targeting not only the police and military market but also the civilian shooters. The new pistol would have a heavy emphasis on ergonomics and a class-leading 16-round magazine capacity for the 9mm variant.

What replaced the Walther P99?

40 S&W, and . 45 ACP chamberings. In 2021, Walther announced that they would be discontinuing the PPQ, and its predecessor, the P99, in favor of the new Walther PDP, or Performance Duty Pistol.

Are Walthers reliable?

And Lothar Walthers makes extremely good button-rifled barrels for both pistols and rifles. So , you get a very well made , very accurate , and very reliable handgun – provided you maintain it. It won’t be cheap , either.

Who uses Walther P99?

The P99 is used by a number of German regional police forces and a number of police forces worldwide. It is also used by the Finnish Army. Already a two decade old design, the P99 is unlikely to be adopted by further armies and police agencies.

What handgun does FBI use?

Glock Gen 5
The FBI has selected Glock Gen 5 handguns in 9mm as their service weapon. There has been much speculation about the reasons for their caliber change.