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How much is the Yukon bonus?

How much is the Yukon bonus?

Bonus to help cover travel costs To help offset the cost of travel to and from the territory, eligible employees receive an annual subsidy of $2,242. Employees become eligible for the “Yukon bonus” after the first 2 years of continuous service and every year thereafter on the continuous service date.

What is the minimum wage for Yukon?

$13.85 per hour
Yukon’s last minimum wage increase was on April 1, 2021. At the time, we raised the minimum wage from $13.71 to $13.85 per hour.

How many government employees does Yukon have?

Employer Background

Industry Territorial government
Major Canadian hiring locations Whitehorse YT, Dawson City YT, Watson Lake YT, Haines Junction YT
Full-time employees in Canada 4,841
Part-time employees in Canada 584
Workforce engaged on a contract basis 2.4%

How do I become a teacher in Yukon?

To be eligible for a Yukon teacher certificate, you must be:

  1. Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a work permit;
  2. of good moral character and have sound judgement; and.
  3. a fit and proper person to teach school students.

Do they pay you to live in Yukon?

The living wage in Whitehorse – what it costs to pay for basic needs like food and housing – is $19.12 an hour, according to a new report. The minimum wage in the territory is $11.07 an hour. The report was released by the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition last week.

How old do you have to be to work in Yukon?

16 years old
In Yukon, there is no law that says how old you must be before you can work. (There is a rule that you must be at least 16 years old to work in a mine, and at least 18 to work underground or at the working face of a mine.)

What is the average salary in Yukon?

$66,266 per year
Find out what the average Yukon salary is The average yukon salary in Canada is $66,266 per year or $33.98 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $38,077 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $102,375 per year.

How much does it cost to live in the Yukon?

Cost of living in Whitehorse (Yukon) In Whitehorse, Yukon’s biggest city, expect to pay $750 per month for a bachelor apartment and $950 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. A room in a shared house should start around $500 per month.

What is the employment rate in Yukon?

In December 2019, Yukon’s participation rate (74.2%) was the highest in Canada, followed by Alberta (70.7%). Yukon’s December 2019 employment rate (the percentage of the population aged 15 years and over, which is em- ployed), was 70.6%, also the highest in Canada, followed by Alberta (65.8%).

Does Yukon have a premier?

Biography. Premier Silver was first elected to the Yukon Legislative Assembly in the general election for the 33rd Legislative Assembly on October 11, 2011. He has been leader of the Yukon Liberal Party since August 17, 2012. Originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Silver has lived in Dawson City since 1998.

How do I apply to be a substitute teacher?

How to Become a Substitute Teacher

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Apply for a substitute teaching license, if required in your state.
  3. Take the tests required for substitute teacher licensure, if necessary.
  4. Once you are licensed, apply to your local school district’s substitute teacher pool.

How often do you get paid in Yukon?

For the Yukon the pay is required semi-monthly or more frequently (maximum period cannot exceed 16 days). The employee must receive their pay within 10 days after each pay period. By legislation, Yukon pay statements must contain the following (though employers may include additional items):

What kind of pension does government of Yukon get?

In some situations, new employees may be eligible for reimbursement to cover certain costs related to moving to a Yukon community to work for the Government of Yukon. Employees are members of the Federal Government of Canada’s Public Service Pension Plan.

Do you live in the city of Yukon?

If you pay your water, trash, and sewage to the City of Yukon, then yes you live in our city limits. If you pay your water, sewage, and trash to OKC, then you will need to file an alarm permit through them here. If still unsure, check here prior to submitting your payment.

What does collective agreement between government of Yukon mean?

(iii) the continuous service of an employee under the collective agreement between the Yukon Teachers’ Association and the Government of Yukon, provided there is no interruption in employment with the Government of Yukon.