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How much money does a golf ball diver make?

How much money does a golf ball diver make?

Over the past couple of decades, golf ball retrieval and recycling has become a multimillion-dollar industry, in which hardworking divers can earn between $50,000 and $100,000 annually, depending on the economy and a diver’s stomach for harsh conditions.

Is diving for golf balls illegal?

And you’ve got to pay the course for every ball you collect. Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys out there who sneak onto courses at night and steal used golf balls (check out this Bob’s Burgers clip). This is illegal and dangerous.

What qualifications do you need to be a golf ball diver?

To become a golf ball diver you’ll need to complete your scuba diving training to a high standard – normally HSE Scuba Part IV (which is professional dive training), and you’ll need to have full commercial diving insurance.

What is the function of a golf ball diver?

What they do. Golf ball divers are professional recyclers: They retrieve golf balls, which are then cleaned, repackaged, and resold. Before beginning work at a golf course, they meet formally with its owner or manager to agree on the terms of the job.

What is the most expensive golf ball?

Dixon Fire
Arizona-based golf company Dixon Golf currently sells the world’s most expensive golf balls, the Dixon Fire, which retails at a wallet-sapping $74.99 per dozen.

Do golf balls go bad?

As long as they are not stored in harsh conditions like extreme cold or heat, a golf ball can last for years in your bag or stocked on the shelf.

Is it possible to hit out of Topgolf?

(Although we should tell you that hitting it outside or over the nets at a Topgolf is actually a safety rules violation, so please play by the rules, folks.)

Who is a professional golf ball diver?

Glenn Berger says he earns about $15 million a year retrieving golf balls from water hazards in golf courses around Florida. He dives for balls, collects them, cleans them and resells them to driving ranges for a buck a piece.

How do golf balls make money?


  1. Go to the local golf course or country club and make a deal with management.
  2. Find your golf balls with a golf ball retriever.
  3. Clean off the golf balls you have found.
  4. Separate your golf balls by category.
  5. Sell your golf balls in lots of 500 on eBay or another online location.

How do you get a golf ball out of the water?

The most basic ball-retrieving tool is a golf club. Choose a club with loft, suchh as a sand wedge or 9-iron, which will allow you to drag the ball to shore and then reach under the ball and lift it up.

How to make money as a golf ball diver?

Try your hand as a golf ball diver, kitting up in scuba gear to recover the millions of golf balls lost in water hazards every year. What does a golf ball diver do? How do you become a golf ball diver? How much money could you make as a golf ball diver? What does a golf ball diver do?

Why did Glenn Berger start diving for golf balls?

Glenn Berger says he was an out-of-work thief 14 years ago when the idea struck him to start diving for golf balls at the bottom of lakes and selling them back to clubs for use on their driving ranges. At a minimum of a $1 a ball — some are worth double that — Berger calculated he could make a pretty good living.

What are the challenges of diving for golf balls?

Diving for golf balls may sound more like play than work. But there are several factors that aspiring divers should consider. For example, finding steady work may be difficult. Work environment. Golf ball divers generally work in adverse conditions in the pond. “You must be comfortable working where you can’t see,” Scott says.

How many golf balls does it take to make 15 million?

It’s not exactly easy money — 15 million golf balls is a lot of golf balls. Perhaps even an impossible amount: According to USA Today’s math, he’d need to collect almost 4,000 golf balls a day, seven days a week — or to collect, en masse, a year’s worth of water-hazard balls at 34 or more different golf courses.