How much should I charge for school photos?

How much should I charge for school photos?

Packages can cost anywhere from a low of about $15 to upwards of $100. The more expensive packages can include extras, such as photo touch-ups. Schools that use the sales of photos to raise funds may ask for even higher amounts.

How much do you charge for portrait photography?


The average price of a photographer
Amateur photographer $25-$75 per hour
Professional photographer – beginner $50-$150 per hour
Professional photographer – experienced $75 – $250 per hour
Professional photographer – high-end $250 – $500 per hour

How much do school photographers make?

How Much Do School Photographer Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $33,500 $644
75th Percentile $31,000 $596
Average $26,976 $518
25th Percentile $22,500 $432

How do you price photos?

Photographers typically charge $25 to $250 per photo or about $75 per edited shot on average depending on their experience. A per photo pricing model includes meeting with the client, setting up, doing the photo shoot, traveling, editing, and delivering the final product in the client’s preferred medium.

What size are school portraits?

Choices vary from school to school, but typically include a range of classic and modern looks. Multiple picture size options include dimensions such as 8”x10”, 5”x7” and 1.5”x2. 5” for trading with classmates.

How do I start portrait photography?

8 Tips Every Beginning Portrait Photographer Should Know

  1. Connect with Your Subject and Share in the Process.
  2. Be Aware of the Lighting and Environment.
  3. Watch the Dynamics of Your Camera and Lens.
  4. It’s all about the Eyes.
  5. Move In and Out and Get Down on their Level.
  6. Camera Settings: Watch Your White Balance.