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How often can you drink Berocca?

How often can you drink Berocca?

The recommended daily intake for Berocca Performance and Berocca Focus is maximum one tablet per day, and maximum two tablets per day for Berocca Boost. Berocca is suitable and suggested for daily use.

What is the purpose of Berocca?

This medication is a multivitamin product used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due to poor diet, certain illnesses, or during pregnancy. Vitamins are important building blocks of the body and help keep you in good health.

What are the ingredients in berocca?

Each Berocca Performance effervescent tablet contains:

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride as monophosphothiamine dihydrate) 15 mg
Calcium (as calcium carbonate and calcium pantothenate) 100 mg
Magnesium (as magnesium carbonate hydrate and magnesium sulfate dihydrate) 100 mg
Zinc (as zinc citrate trihydrate) 10 mg

Why does Berocca make my pee yellow?

Why does Berocca make my urine change colour? Berocca products contain vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Like all B vitamins, B2 is water-soluble so your body takes what it needs and discards the rest. The presence of vitamin B2 in your urine can result in a more intense colour.

Is Berocca bad for your teeth?

Fizzy vitamin drinks could be almost as damaging to your teeth as sugary soft drinks and fruit juices, new research has revealed. Effervescent vitamins such as Berocca can cause minerals in teeth to leach out, making them weaker and more prone to decay, according to a recent study in Finland.

What are the side effects of Berocca?

COMMON side effects

  • irritation of the stomach or intestines.
  • difficulty sleeping.
  • nervousness.
  • muscle tremors.
  • heart throbbing or pounding.
  • an increased need to urinate often.
  • anxious feelings.

Is Berocca full of sugar?

Berocca Performance is said to not contain any caffeine, artificial stimulants or preservatives. It’s also stated to have less than 0.1g of sugar.

Why is my pee green after Berocca?