How old is Desree?

How old is Desree?

52 years (November 30, 1968)

What is Des Ree doing now?

She eventually qualified as a nutritionist and then as a naturopath. The likelihood of returning to music was slim. Now, after 16 years, we can finally enjoy new music from Des’ree with the release of her first studio album, ‘A Love Story’ on 11 October 2019 on Stargazer Records.

Who sang Life in the 90s?

It was the third single from her third album, Supernatural, and was released on 8 June 1998. This song remains Des’ree’s biggest hit, peaking at number one in Austria, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as on the UK R&B Chart….Life (Des’ree song)

B-side “Open Mind”
Released 8 June 1998
Recorded 1998
Genre Soul, pop

When did des ree come out?

You Gotta Be/Released

It is the third track on Des’ree’s second album, I Ain’t Movin’ (1994), and the opening track on the US release of the album. The song was released as a single around the world in 1994, becoming a top-40 hit in several countries and a top-10 hit in the United States and Australia.

How old is Desiree singer?

Who is deseray?

Desirée Annette Weekes (born 30 November 1968), known by her stage name Des’ree (/ˈdɛz(ə)reɪ/), is an English pop recording artist who rose to popularity during the 1990s. She is best known for her hits “Feel So High”, “You Gotta Be”, “Life”, and “Kissing You” (from the soundtrack of the film Romeo + Juliet).

Did Rascal Flatts break up?

After 20 years together, Rascal Flatts announced in January that they would be stepping out of the spotlight after a farewell tour (now canceled of course) and a year of celebrating their two decades as a band. 2), Rascal Flatts will release a greatest hits album as part of their farewell celebration.

Who sings the song Gotta Be?

You Gotta Be/Artists

Who sang gotta be?

Who is OG Juan?

“OG” Juan Perez was appointed the president of the label and Cipha Sounds was the senior vice president (until he got a job at MTV in 2006)….

Founder Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter
Status Defunct
Distributor(s) Roc-A-Fella Records
Genre Various