How old is ICEA Lion?

How old is ICEA Lion?

The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Nairobi, Kenya. ICEA LION General Insurance Company operates as a subsidiary of ICEA LION Insurance Holdings Limited. The bank has grown to become one of the largest financial service providers in the region with well-established operations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Who owns ICEA Lion?

Following the merger of ICEA and the Lion of Kenya Insurance to form the ICEA Lion Group (which is one of Eastern Africa’s largest insurance companies), First Chartered Securities now owns an 80% stake in the new entity, with the remaining 20% held by Kenya Holding Limited.

How do I join DigiTrust?

Known as DigiTrust, the service is accessible via a web portal and mobile USSD code. One requires a minimum deposit of Ksh500 to sign up for the service.

What is DigiTrust by ICEA Lion?

At ICEA LION, you can set up your Money Market for as little as Kes 500 and top up with whatever amount you wish to save or invest at any time. There is no minimum top up amount nor do we charge any withdrawal fees. The interest or yield on your account is accrued on daily account balance.

What does ICEA insurance do?

We are here today to help secure all your tomorrows. Enjoy our comprehensive suite of insurance, pensions and investments solutions. MISSION We provide high quality insurance and related financial services that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

Who owns ICEA insurance?

Dr. Obura is the Chairman of ICEA LION General Insurance as well as the Chairman and Director of several Companies in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Dr. Obura commenced his studies in 1952 at Alliance High School and proceeded to Makerere University College in Uganda, graduating in 1958.

What is DigiTrust?

Dubbed DigiTrust, the fund aims to reach out to more Kenyans seeking to save and invest. The group is leveraging on technology to automate the client on-boarding process which has over the years been a challenge in the development and uptake of investment products.

What is a prime money fund?

A prime money fund invests in floating-rate debt and commercial paper of non-Treasury assets, like those issued by corporations, U.S. government agencies, and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).

Is ICEA Lion legit?

Mbwiriah Juniour recommends ICEA LION GROUP. Their deals are all legitimate unlike many other companies. James Bernard recommends ICEA LION GROUP.

How many insurance companies are in Kenya?

49 registered insurance
Presently there are 49 registered insurance companies in Kenya. , some offering general insurance, some life insurance while composite insurers sell both life and general. The products offered by insurance companies are generally the same although each company has a set of value added services for consumers.

How do I withdraw money from Britam money market?

Easy withdrawal straight to your M-Pesa or Bank account within 48 hours. Also available via USSD *778#.