How old is Motoko?

How old is Motoko?

Kusanagi has never been headhunted by Section 9, because she knew Aramaki since she joined Army Intelligence. In 2034, 2 years after she left Section 9, she is ~46 years of age. Following this logic, she was born 1986-1988 and became full cyborg in 1995-1997.

How strong is Motoko Kusanagi?

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, immortality, skilled martial artist and marksman, Cyber Mind, expert hacker (this allows her to mimic such powers as telepathy, possession, illusion creation, obtain memories and various offensive mind control and mental powers), can use other bodies and …

What rank is Kusanagi?

She is a cyborg employed as the squad leader of Public Security Section 9, a fictional division of the real Japanese National Public Safety Commission, and earned her rank of major during her service in the Japan Ground Self Defense Force.

Is Batou a full cyborg?

While Batou appears to be a full cyborg in the anime, dialogue in the manga implies that he is not. Batou’s original incarnation in the manga is considerably more comical than his anime counterpart.

Is Motoko Kusanagi a robot?

Motoko Kusanagi, better known as “the Major,” is the cyborg hero of the famous manga, anime, and soon-to-be live-action film, Ghost in the Shell. The title itself refers to the idea that the Major was once fully human, but when she died, her spirit, or soul — her “ghost” — was put into a robot body.

What happened to Motoko Kusanagi?

In episode 11 of the second season, we learn that Kusanagi underwent full cyberization due to severe injuries she suffered after a plane crash when she was just six years old. Only she and a young boy survived. She was in a coma until it became apparent that she would die without undergoing cyberization.

What is a ghost in Ghost in the Shell?

In Ghost in the Shell, the word ghost is colloquial slang for an individual’s consciousness or soul. In the manga’s futuristic society, science has redefined the ghost as the thing that differentiates a human being from a biological robot.

What does Batou mean in English?

The name “Batou” means “horse” in Japanese and may refer to Japanese Buddhism’s Batou Kannon (Horse-Headed Kannon) with his small robotic implant eyes and long face as visual references.

What race is Batou?

Gender Male
Species Cyborg
Seiyū Akio Ohtsuka
Voice actor(s) Richard Epcar