How old is Nathan Astle?

How old is Nathan Astle?

49 years (September 15, 1971)
Nathan Astle/Age

Is Tom Astle related to Nathan Astle?

Astle – no relation to Nathan – wants to make his international mark. The trip will include a variety of matches against an Australian Institute of Sport team and an Indian Academy side.

Who is Nathan Astle married to?

Kelly Astlem. 2000
Nathan Astle/Spouse

Astle was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he is still based; he is married to Kelly Astle and has two children. Astle and his wife Kelly run a childcare centre for which he is the director.

What does Nathan Astle do now?

Nathan Astle played 81 Test matches in his career, in which he scored 4702 runs with 11 centuries. Apart from Test cricket, Astle had registered 7090 runs in ODIs, scoring 16 centuries. But today Astle is a car racer.

Who has scored the fastest double century in a Test?

The first innings saw the stylish middle-order batsman Botham making heads turn. He played a phenomenal knock of 208 runs. What’s special about this knock is that he reached the magical figure of a double hundred in just 220 balls. This was the fastest recorded Test double-century in terms of ball faced at that time.

What does the name Astle mean?

Astle. Origin. Meaning. “god”+”cauldron” or “east hill”

What is the meaning of Astle?


Meaning “god”+”cauldron” or “east hill”
Region of origin Mercia, England Cheshire, England
Other names
Variant form(s) Astel, Astell, Asthul, Astill, Astles, Astull, Astyll and Asketil

How old is Craig Macmillan?

45 years (September 13, 1976)
Craig McMillan/Age

What do cricketers do after retirement?

Former cricketers easily rope in a job as a coach. Anil Kumble, Ravi Shastri, and Rahul Dravid are recent examples of former players turned coaches. They can also join different roles under a coach as per their expertise. A bowler can become a bowling coach for a national team or any IPL side.

What is the slowest Test century?

Slowest Century in Test Cricket History

  1. Thilan Samaraweera – 408 balls.
  2. Jimmy Adams – 365 balls.
  3. Clive Radley – 396 balls.
  4. Sanjay Manjrekar – 397 balls.