How to get points for the InfoWars store?

How to get points for the InfoWars store?

Getting points is easy – Just sign up to our program and continue to make purchases and support the Infowar like you normally do. After getting enough points, we’ll give you discounts on some of your favorite products across the store as a thank you for your support!

How does the InfoWars radio show get its money?

Unlike most talk radio shows, InfoWars itself does not directly generate income. It gets no syndication fees from its syndicater GCN, no cut of the advertising that GCN sells, and it does not sell its three minutes per hour of national advertising time.

Why was InfoWars removed from YouTube in 2018?

In August 2018, YouTube, Apple, and Facebook removed content from Jones and InfoWars, citing their policies against hate speech and harassment.

Who is the owner of the InfoWars website?

In February 2018, Jones, the publisher, director and owner of InfoWars, was accused of discrimination and sexually harassing employees.

What are the procedures for TSA at airports?

En español| The Transportation Security Administration(TSA) continues to use a range of procedures to keep contact to a minimum for both TSA agents and flyers who go through security screening as the pandemic continues.

Are there any cases of covid-19 in the TSA?

TSA is committed to notifying the public about airport locations where TSA employees or screening contractors have tested positive for COVID-19. The chart below lists airports with confirmed COVID-19 cases and the last date worked for the most recent screening employee who tested positive.

When do new TSA screening procedures come out?

The deadline was recently delayed from Oct. 1, 2021. If you have any questions about the procedures, you can call the TSA’s customer service center at 866-289-9673, or get in touch through Twitter (@AskTSA) or Ask TSA on Facebook.